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The thread about property tax/DGI

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Please point me to it. I did a search on "DGI" and "property tax." Nada. I also need some help with the site. I entered my RUC, then clicked "forgot my NIT." The site then asked for my email address but said it is different than what they have on file. I tried a couple of previous email addresses. Nada. Is there any way to change the email address they have on file? Thanks for any help!

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Dottie, here is the link: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/7644-how-to-use-the-dgi-website-for-property-tax-info/

To get the above link, all I did was type in "DGI" (without the quote signs) in the search bar, and insured that the "All Content" option was selected, and there it was.

It sounds as if you are having a problem with how to search on CL. Be sure to look at the pull-down option just to the left of the search bar to be sure that "All Content" is selected (at the top of the list). Using any other options is the typical reason users cannot find what they are looking for. Anything other than "All Content" starts restricting what the search engine will "see" as it is searching. There are ten different options, and you definitely want to use the "All Content" option.

Hope this helps.


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