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Panama, The Musical


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ENTERTAINMENT: New Kid On Block Joins Old  Favorites

World premiere coming up
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By Margot Thomas

Panama’s  welcome to 2018, continues well into the year with a potpourri of theatrical and musical events with some anticipated traditional favorites being joined by a new kid on the block – Panama The Musical.

Set in Panama  during the closing years of the Roaring  Twenties, when dances like the Charleston and the Black Bottom were the rage,  it is the story of a struggling love affair between a Zonian  American songwriter who  dreams of hearing her songs on the new invention called “radio” and a  young Panamanian  boyfriend who  win a contest to record their songs in New York with interventions by a casino owner forcing her young sister to pay off a family debt by working in a local casino, setting  the scene is for lively song and dance routines with  tunes that have already won critical acclaim in London’s West End.

The musical written by Canadian ex-pats Rob Brown and Yolanda Van Der Kolk promises to literally put Panama in front of the spotlights with performances scheduled for  Canada and beyond.

The cast and production lineup features many local celebrities and some newly discovered starlets.

Opening night is Feb 1, 2018, at the Ateneo Theater, City of Knowledge. Tickets at. www.panatickets.com.

Below are some of the Entertainment  highlights of the  first half of the year.



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Rob Brown, the writer and producer of Panama, The Musical will present at the BCP Tuesday talks on January 16. In addition to showing some video clips about the show and telling the story of how this thing came to be, he will also present information on buying tickets and/or investing.

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