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Learning Spanish could be easier than you think.

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Some people quit learning Spanish language before starting.   I say that some people loose the game without playing it.   


I got a good friend that moved to NYC not knowing english language.   The only thing he could say was:  My name is Hector.  The book is on the table.  The book is blue and I love the book.  Nothing more.   Period.   When in NYC he was forced to speak english.  He was living in a place with no spanish speaking people around.  So for him it was learn english or you will be isolated and lonely.  He started speaking english like babies do.  Little by little he learned some verbs, he increased his vocabulary, made himself understood and could communicate with people.  

I dont believe in the statement some people use like:  You can teach tricks to an old dog.    For me it is not a lack of ability or capability to learn spanish.   For me is....some kind of lazyness.  People in Panama will appreciate very much if you try to communicate with them in spanish.  For us it doesnt matter if you dont use the right gender in nouns, if you dont use the right tense in verbs, if you dont use the same word or sentence order.  YOU ARE TRYING and that is really appreciated.   It means for us that YOU REALLY CARE about us.  

My opinion is constant exposition to the spanish language and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE will make you master the language or at least be able to communicate in Spanish language.  I dont believe in those boring and expensive Spanish courses that makes you mess with grammar, orthography and all those boring subjects.   I used to hate grammar, orthography classes in my own language so I can imagine how hard and boring will be studying them in another language.  The best way to learn another language is to be force to use it and speak it.  

So dont be shy.  TRY.  PRACTICE.   You will see later the world in Panama very different.


Here is an article I received today regarding this subject I found interesting for sharing with you.


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Roger B.    Your suggestion re learning Spanish is correct.

Some time ago we engaged in an exchange program with friends in South America. Our 12 year daughter traveled alone to Caracus for a four month stay. She was lazy to learn Spanish and after many promises but not much effort on her part, she was sent to stay on a horse ranch. None of the eight children or any adult at this site spoke a word of English. So if our daughter wanted a drink of water, needed the bathroom or any other daily requests, she had to speak their language. Needless to say, she became fluent speaking Spanish in short order.

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On 12/11/2015 at 0:26 PM, Ken and Becky said:

Poco a poco.


That is a way to start.   We have an old saying in spanish that reads:  "Caminante no hay camino.... se hace camino al andar".   This is something like:  " Walker, there is no road... you make the road by walking..".   Poco a poco you will reach your goal.   Not so slow because time is short.   

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"Nothing ventured...nothing gained"   

At 70 1/2 yr old I am told by my friends and neighbors that I am now too old to be surfing...Hawaiian quality waves.   I suppose I could quit now because of the date on my birth certificate.


My husband of now almost  one half of a decade thinks the same way.   We can't stop until we just can't do it anymore.  Whether it be the limitation we put on ourselves by our own thinking or those that others seem to feel they need to place on us....nothing ventured, nothing gained !  Keep on trying...don't let age or anything else slow you down.


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You rock Alison.

For some of us it's not an option however. I wish I could just get out in my yard and work the garden or go for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Not complaining of course, doesn't help anyway. But I agree, do what you're capable of doing and don't stop till you have to.

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