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Tragedy for Dr. Almandral, Neurologist in David who many of us have seen


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Dear Boquete Community,

A Terribly frightening report we received today

Your prayers (or however you ask the universe for mercy), for Him.

We were told today, by our Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Adres Baez, that on Christmas, Dr. Almandral’s 2 story home in Panama City caught fire in the night.

He and his wife woke to smoke. He ran and got his older son and then ran back in and got his baby out from upstairs. He could not get back up for his wife and she jumped from the upstairs balcony.

The children and his wife are ok, but Dr. Almandrahl is in ICU in Panama City, in critical condition.


We, among many fortunate patients have been the recipient of Dr.’s expertise and caring.

We are very sad and sending all positive energy to him.


As we have heard many people these past years who know him and have seen him… we thought we would share this news.

Help where you can.

This report has been confirmed by others.



Fortunate Boquete Residents 13 years.


P.S. Dr. practices at Mae Lewis and Chiriqui Hospital

His email is andresalmendral@gmail.com

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Jocie was in  see Dr Almandral this morning.  He has no visible burns, but does have a persistent cough.  Apparently he  burned his lungs but should  recover completely.  He gave permission for me to post this so his many patients will be reassured.

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