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Information About Tropical Storm Nate

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Upgraded to Tropical Storm NATE.


SINAPROC has issued a number of warnings concering excessive wind and rain as Panama catches the tail end of this storm.

5 to 10 inches of rain are expected between now and Friday.





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As of this moment, there is severe flooding in the Baru district near Puerto Armuelles and some roofs were blown off.  At least 150 families are out of their homes.  The Rio Vigui at the Chiriqui border is cresting and there has been flooding in the Sona area of  Veraguas.

The Coast Guard has made numerous rescues in the Bay of Panama, 26 from one boat alone last night. They are still looking for another boat and a woman who is believed to have perished.

Costa Rica got hammered, at least 6 are dead, dozens are missing. The Rio Tarcoles has risen so high that the crocodiles which are usually visible from the bridge are now moving around town.

Nicaragua and Honduras are expected to receive up to 20 inches of rain.

Good time to stay put.











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Storm leaves 7 dead, homes flooded


TROPICAL STORM  Nate has left seven dead in Costa Rica and thousands had to be evacuated from their homes.

In neighboring  Chiriqui  falling trees and, landslides damaged at least 150 homes in Puerto Armuelle on Thursday confirmed José Donderis, director of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc).

In Panama City, tree falls were reported in Cerro Viento, the Bajada del Ñopo, the University of Panama, Balboa and at the Profesional School of Obaldía.

Tree falls and flooding was also reported in of Veracruz, Veraguas, and Chiriquí Grande.


Joint Task Force aids Chiriqui flood victims

Sinaproc  has reported  floods of some tributaries in Chiriquí and  in Veraguas the River Cobre, Tibique, San Pablo, Tabasará, Santamaría, The Pavo, La Playita and Quebro.

In Bocas del Toro the  Punta Peña River, Changuinola and Sixaola are flooding. In Chiriqui: Ríos Fonseca, Chiriquí Viejo,  Caldera and Risacua overflowed.

Sinaproc advises citizens to avoid any outdoor activity and when they are aware of the occurrence of lightning to , seek shelter and warns If you have the need to cross or be on the bank of a river, be very aware of the heads of water.



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4975  hit by tropical storm Nate in Panama


NEARLY 5,000   people in different areas of  Panama were affected by Tropical Storm Nate before it became a hurricane on its way to the United States.

An October 7 report by the Joint Task Force gives the total of those affected as 4,975.

The areas most hit by the storm during the week were the Ngäbe Buglé region, with 3,500 and  Chiriquí province with 984, according to the report released by José Donderis.director of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc),

In these places several rivers overflowed their banks, causing floods. In addition, strong winds knocked down structures and ranch schools in the region.



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2 dead, 750 in shelters after storm Nate


TWO  WOMEN  have died and the number of people evacuated to shelters in Chiriqui after the heavy rains brought by  tropical storm Nate has risen to 750.

Roads have been blocked or swept away by landslides and some 300 homes flooded, The storm is now a hurricane and heading for Louisiana.

On Friday, October 6 hundreds of families were transferred to different shelters in the district of Barú.


Francisco Santamaría, regional director of the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC), said that although rains have declined in affected areas, families remain in shelters in the face of the threat of bad weather that still remains on the province.

According to reports from the Joint Task Force, the most affected areas are located in Barú and Alanje, where the floodwaters of the rivers Chiriquí Viejo, as well as the Colorado River, caused significant material losses to about 130 families.

Octavio Espinoza, from the First Lady’s office, detailed that a psychosocial report of affected families has been drawn up in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development to provide support.

José Donderis, director general of SINAPROC, moved to the province where the evacuation work was carried out and said that the search for a second missing person on the Santiago river in the district of Tolé after more heavy rain was continuing.



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