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Tuesday, October 3 , 2017

Two Minors Receive 21 Year Sentences

A sentence of 21 years, was imposed on two minors, 15 and 17 years of age, respectively, for their responsibility in the events that caused the death of the businessman Jorge Nodier Espinoza Castle, who lost his life on 17 September 2015, when three people entered his place of business with a gun in a shopping mall located in the city of David.

The facts showed that they seized cash,and physically assaulted with a firearm Manuel Enrique Rodríguez and Juan Carlos Lezcano Santamaria, and also caused the death of Sr. Espinoza Castle.

The Juvenile Judge of the Province of Chiriqui, with functions of a Criminal Judge, declared both criminally liable, after listening to the evidence submitted by the Prosecution of Adolescents of the Public Ministry, which were based on the testimony of witnesses and victims; the recognition that was carried out against the adolescents, as well as reports of the Division specialized in adolescents of the Subdirectorate of Judicial Investigation and in the testimonies addressed during the trial by the units of the DIJ, who participated in the research.

The maximum sentence of 12 years in reformatory was handed down against each one of the teenagers involved in this process for the crime of aggravated homicide.

For the crime of attempted homicide, they imposed the penalty to each of 6 years, and for the theft they were sentenced to 3 years in prison and for the crime of personal injury the sentence is 2 years of guidance and supervision.

Christopher Aaron Tejada, 20 years old, was also convicted for this crime in another hearing and sentenced to 30 years in prison.


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Not following.  However, when I spoke to Marion just before she left.  She had been called in for another interview, one she reported as being somewhat agressive towards her.  Of course, now that she has left the Country, and it is two years after the fact I doubt very much if anyone will be called to account.  I do know the minors involved were released from jail because they were minors.  They were back in this area (and one in Boquete) within weeks of the attempted murder.

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