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Rustica - New Restaurant & Produce Stand in Bajo Boquete

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After getting my hair cut on Calle 2a Sur I noticed a new Restaurant/Produce store across the street and a few doors down (map attached).  It's only been there one month, all new, 1/2 of the building is a produce store and the other half is a cafe/restaurant.  Nicely done, they spent some money on this place.  The prices are reasonable, I ended up purchasing cabbage, lettuce, and some really scrumptious looking tomatoes.  A photo of the tomatoes are attached.  The tomatoes were 80 cents per pound which is priced at the high end for tomatoes at the market.  Their selection is excellent, they certainly take their time in selecting their produce at least with the tomatoes as there wasn't a bad one in the bunch.  I wanted six, I picked six, all perfect. 






Boquete new Restaurant Produce July 2017 JPEG .jpg

tomatoes at new place .JPG

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I agree, Bonnie. Panamanians don't seem to believe in advertising and marketing of their business/service. No big mystery of why "open one week and closed a week later". So much effort with minimum results.

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The name of the Restaurant is Rustica.  The "chef's" name is Jefferson.  

We ate breakfast there this morning.  It was good!  His Mom makes the salsa we used for our omelets.

All of the produce they use for food looked very fresh. The buns looked wonderful!

After breakfast, we bought some produce and received a free grapefruit.

The little place is across the street from the school, on the way to Colibri.  

Give it a try!


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Marcelyn and I tried out the new Rustica late this afternoon. She bought some fresh fruits from the produce stand. Good looking items there but not a large selection, but what was there was well displayed and obviously very fresh.

And then we had an evening snack at the restaurant niche. Ended up ordering nachos (to share) and two fresa batidos. Service was quick, prices very reasonable, and the nacho dish was huge, way beyond what we could eat between the two of us. I could have made dinner out of the batido. It was fantastic.

Here are some pictures.





We definitely will go back. Nice friendly ambiance. Great service.

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Marcelyn and I had our second pleasant dining experience at Rustica last evening. I tried a hamburger (with cheese, no fries), and it was one of the better hamburgers I have had in recent times. Marcelyn again did the nachos. We had batidos de fresas. I could make a meal out of the batido. Wish I had, because the hamburger was simply too much food. But good service, good food, good prices, etc. In other words, a good value and dining experience.

There were only a total of four customers (including the two of us) during our time at Rustica. I hope they survive.

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5 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:


There was a breakfast menu board in the restaurant but only the vegetable market was open when we tried to go there one morning last week.

I've been by there many times between 7 and 9 and the restaurant part is not open...breakfast after that becomes brunch for me!  

Do you know what their hours are?  

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