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Gmail login problem for secondary account

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I created a secondary gmail username. It didn't ask me for a password or email recovery or phone recovery information, so I thought it would be the same as my primary gmail account. But when I try to log into the secondary account, the password is not recognized. I have searched for HOURS about how to either delete the secondary account (and then reenter it) or recover the password. I've been sent in circles every time.  Grrrr!

Can anyone please help me? Thank you!


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Dottie - as far as I know you are unable to delete and recreate a Gmail account.   Each Gmail address is completely independent of any others you might have.   You are probably better off just creating yet another one and forgetting about the new one you tried to create.   It is a never ending circle as you are experiencing. 

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The problem is that I had some expensive magnetic signs made for my car with the newly created gmail address! Now I can't log in and with no verification info, there's no way I can change the password that who knows was created, not by me.

All the "maybe" info on the web is outdated.

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