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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Education in Panama

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10:30 in the BCP Theater

Tuesday, May 30 – Melissa Vallarino, owner of Academia International Boquete will speak on education in Panama.  Come and learn some details about how Panama is ranking in Education internationally. Is Panama  meeting  the international requirements of education? How does the educational system work in Panama? How is Chiriquí performing?  How you can be involved in helping Panamanian children to get a better education?  http://www.aib.edu.pa
Tuesday, June 6 – JR Pazo with Health Alliance Panama and We Care Pharmacies will present the following topics:
-Presentation of HealthAlliance Panama and the new Hospital Brisas in Panama City that will accept VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, and TRICARE.
- Location, POCs, and phone numbers of the pharmacies and clinics affiliated with HealthAlliance Panama that accept VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, and TRICARE
-Explanation of the free services provided by the volunteer Veterans Assistance Officers (VAOs) to veterans, spouses, dependent children, widows, and widowers
- Location and phone numbers of the VAOs throughout Panama
Tuesday, June 13 – Boquete Hospice and Health -- FALLS PREVENTION.  Did you know 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year? Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for people 65 and over.  BHHF will do a presentation on Falls Prevention at the BCP Tuesday Market meeting on June 13th. Come learn the simple things you can do to prevent falling.
Tuesday, June 20 – Kent McNaughton on the amazing new 3D printing technology - what it is, what can be done with it, what its benefits and shortcomings are, where it’s been and where it may go. He will  have photos of parts he’s made, the machines he built, and things available to be made from the Internet. Kent may bring a printer with him and have it 3D-printing during the talk.
Tuesday, June 27Local attorney Martín Santamaria Castillo and staff (Licda. Evelyn De Leon, and licdo. Roderik Telman) will talk to us about immigration. The talk will include the various options for expats to obtain residency in Panama and the penalties for not doing so. There are several new developments in this area and the foreign community needs to understand what they are. The audience may also ask questions about other areas of the law.
Tuesday, July 4 – Tom McCormack will tell us all about Panamanian legends, wives tales, myths, and superstitions. This is a very entertaining talk and will teach us all something about this place we call home.
Tuesday, July 11Our local mad scientist, Mike Petersen presents THE WONDERFUL, WILD, WACKY, WEIRD WORLD OF QUANTUM THEORY”.  Richard Feynman, one of the world's emminent particle physicists, once said that if someone says they understand quantum theory, then they don't understand quantum theory. Well, Mike respectfully disagrees. If you've ever wondered what all the hoopla was about (the double slit experiment, Schroedinger's Cat, quantum entanglement, etc.), then this talk is for you. Mike will explain how the whole thing works, and do so without math. You'll leave this talk more informed about the strange realm of the quantums. Like science? This one's for you.
Tuesday, July 18 -- DEPRESSIVE ILLNESS is a common and serious human malady: what it is, what causes it, and it's medication and cognitive therapy treatment from the perspective of a (retired) psychiatrist. Dr. Dean Hoover, a Boquete resident, received his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Miami and then served as a USN Medical Officer for eight years including three years of Psychiatric Residency training.  In 1983, he left the Navy and engaged in the practice private of Psychiatry in Annapolis, MD, until retiring in 2012.  He and his wife have lived in the Boquete area for over four years.
Tuesday, July 25 – Irma Castillo Smith from Keep It Simple Panama (medical advocacy and assistance) will talk about the things you need to know when faced with emergency or elective hospitalization in David. Aseguradora La Floresta (new insurance company in town) will introduce us to their products including those products for folks over 64. http://www.seguroslafloresta.com/  FREE ADMISSION
Tuesday, August 1 – ARF and other charities
Tuesday, August 8 – Chef Juan Linares speaks on Market Cooking in Chiriqui. Learn to use local produce. What to do with plantains, chayotes, papayas, etc.? What are the beef cuts in Panama and how to cook them? Eat fresher, better, and cheaper. There will be tastings.
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manger
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Melissa Vallarino, President, Academia Internacional Boquete (AIB), has provided a copy of her materials used during her May 30th presentation about education in Panama. There was almost a full house in the BCP Theater and Event Center auditorium that day, and a lot of interest in her comments about education in Panama.

Melissa's contact information (both telephone and email) is provided on the last page of her presentation materials (see hotlink below). Also, Keisari Montenegro is part of the staff at AIB. Here is her contact information:

Keisari Montenegro
Asistente Académica
720-2821/ 730-8417/ 6670-6785
Kilómetro 21, Ave. Belisario Porras El Francés Arriba, Alto Boquete



Here first is Melissa's cover letter transmitting the PDF format of her PowerPoint presentation materials:


To whom it may concern:

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce my talk about the “Education in Panama”. I was in the BCP on 30th May and it was truly gratifying to see the support from the community for education, and their interest in forwarding the agenda for school and our efforts to provide the best platform possible for students.

As a community, we all have a vested interest in providing our youth with the best education possible to prepare them for their contribution to society, and the future of Panama.

If you have an interest in promoting a good standard in education, I would like to reach out in the best way to you, and open my doors to you to have dialog regarding your participation, and how we can further enrich the learning environment here at AIB.

Your support is extremely important for us to accomplish our goals together, to make AIB the model for education in Panama.

Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have. I look forward to speak with you directly to determine how you can best help us in our efforts.

Kind regards,
Melissa Vallarino Bernat

P.D: The PowerPoint presentation is attached.

Panamas Educational System Challenges and Aspirations.pdf


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