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Mayor Walker in days past, presented the evaluation of the bridge over the River Palo Alto to the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), to request its construction, in which we got to know the good news that in the next few days it would be already bidding for a new bridge in this sector of Palo Alto, District of Los Naranjos.

Let us remember that the bridge over the River Palo Alto was affected in their foundations and structures during the floods of 2008 and since then the community had requested the change or restructuring of the bridge and it is not until now that the MOP, with the evaluations submitted by the Mayor, is already announced the date of the award of a new bridge for Palo Alto.

The construction of the Bridge of Palo Alto would benefit the coffee sector, horticulture, tourist and residents who daily use this route that connect various sectors of the community, including children to get to school in Palo Alto.

Public Relations Department


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I understand. But the Bailey Bridge went up in just a day or two. In fact, I didn’t even see it being put up; it was just suddenly there. They’ve already hauled in some materials for the Palo Alto Bridge, and they don’t look anything like Bailey Bridge materials.

 I’m concerned about this. At times the Palo Alto side of the loop is closed because of the Panamonte Bridge construction or for some other reason (like filling potholes just beyond the Féria Bridge this morning), and that leaves those of us who live in Palo Alto with both ways blocked, i.e., with no way  to come and go.




with no way out.

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Could be. The foundations of the other Bailey Bridge certainly were much better. Over two months still seems like a long time to install a Bailey Bridge. It's my understanding that they were developed by engineers during WWII for quick access across rivers.

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On 10/19/2017 at 4:08 PM, JohnF13 said:

At least you guys are seeing progress.  Around here, the alcalde busies himself having photos taken with the various local queens, we have new bus shelters and coming soon, a sign welcoming folks to Potrerillos Abajo.  Fun stuff.

I had to laugh at this, John. It reminds me of the tacky culverts used as flower containers along the sides of the road leading into Boquete, a project of the former mayor. Most of them either are broken, contain dead plants, or both. They're a real eyesore, not unlike the equally offensive flower boxes the same mayor had constructed and emblazoned with "Alcaldia de Boquete" or something similar. I do think most of the latter have been removed, though. We have had little to thank all the construction for, but at least we can say it is leading somewhere positive.

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driven over it four times already this past week. Each time eyeing the enormous pile of fill they have to smooth both ends of the bridge where it meets the road, i hope.
There will soon be a smoother way to get to town whenever they get around to finishing this last step.

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10 hours ago, Marcelyn said:

Keep us informed about progress for this bridge.

It's open. I used it yesterday morning and afternoon. The fill is still piled up there, but it was smooth sailing over the bridge.

I'll be using the loop a lot until the road work is completed downtown. It's easy to take the loop, pick up the alternative route to the right just before the left to the Panamonte, scoot through town, and come out to the main road past The Haven. A big help to those of us who live north of town.

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