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Threats Made Against the Family of Juan Carlos Varela

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First Lady reports death threats against disc jockey son

Lorena Castillo

PANAMA’S FIRST LADY Lorena Castillo de Varela has restricted access to her Twitter account after denouncing death threats made against her disc jockey son Gian Varela.

Before closing her Twitter account, she used it to ask the National Police and the Public Ministry to investigate the threat, which was received on Tuesday via Twitter.

Directed to the first lady, the user @abrahamvergara2 wrote the message: “you have to kill your son the DJ or I will do it for you.”

TTheTwitter account of this user was created in January of this year and has only two followers reports La Prensa.

Without specifically mentioning this case, spokesmen of the National Police explained Monday that threats like these are investigated by the Public Ministry.

In the Public Ministry, they reported that they will hold consultations before issuing a ruling.

The Office of the First Lady has not issued any further comments.

At 3:30 p.m on Monday, Apr. 17 the first lady changed her Twitter security profile and restricted access to it reports La Prensa



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The suspect,  A.A. Vergara R., received a bail hearing and was remanded with reporting measures. He is prohibited from leaving the province of Panama and making any contact with the First Lady.

He apologized for his actions and apparently explained his motivation for the Tweets.


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