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Customer Service Issue, Again, No Change at the Checkout Counter


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I had another experience this morning of wanting to buy some items at a local store here in Boquete, but at the check out counter being told that the store had no change. I didn't either. Bluntly speaking, I do not view it as my job to estimate what a bill will be (even if I could do so), and then take sufficient change to complete a purchase.

End result here was no sale, and loss of their time and energy to put all merchandise back on the shelves where they belonged.

The really bad aspect of this not infrequent experience is that the clerk apparently really didn't care that they were losing a sale. Maybe she was upset that she had to work on the Saturday before Easter.

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Nena is recovering from catract surgery so when I read this to her the response was, "they don't care". 

I have never had much luck in these cases either unless I could speak to the owner. My guess would be that the owner WAS on holiday and the clerk knew it.  You can try asking for the owner's fone number, sometimes that will work.


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3 hours ago, Brundageba said:

Possibly the clerk wanted to hear : "Keep the change"

I had not thought of that possibility, but if so that would NOT have happened. It would've been about a $10 propina, and in a situation where propinas are not appropriate.

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