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Safety deposit boxes in David


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Newslady note: We normally don't send out this kind of email but there is a serious ongoing problem with this establishment and many people have lost a lot.

For that reason, we have decided to risk the consequences and send this out. If you decide to close your box, please don't tell these people you were warned by news.boquete.


I will not name the company that offers 'secure' private safe deposit boxes as I would not want any legal proceedings to be prejudiced.

On February 20th, 2017, I went to the establishment to access my private safe deposit box, the secretary told me that it was not possible because only one person had access to the vault and that person would not be in the office that day. I explained that I was leaving for the USA on a morning flight the following day and would not be able to return. She called the fellow who said it would not be possible to access the box until noon the following day. Needless to say, that did not work for me.

I returned from the USA and went to the establishment again, this time I was told they were doing maintenance on the vault and I would have to return the following day and the vault would be available after 9:00 am sharp, I returned the following day; had to wait until 9:40 but was able to access the box. I removed all of the contents and took them to a secure location and discovered that over $6,000.00 cash was missing, I also noted that the contents of the box were not as I had left them, a roll of bills had been pushed to the far end of the box, had my wife not noticed, I may have missed that.

I went to Ciudad Judicial and filed a denuncia against the company that has the private safe deposit box service.

While I was filing the denuncia, I looked at the two keys provided when I signed up and I compared them to a key I have from a box in the USA. They key from the USA is a greenish brown color and has the name of the box manufacturer stamped onto the head of the key. The ones from the private box are silver with no markings. So it appears as they made copies of all of the keys and kept the originals and gave copies to the box subscribers.

I am not alone, the people that went into their box after me discovered gold missing, a person at Ciudad Judicial told me there were 3 other denuncias filed and just today I heard that someone is missing a Rolex watch that was in their private 'Secure' box.

I have no delusions that I will somehow get my money back and am writing this as a warning for anyone that is thinking about renting a box at this place and to anyone that has a box to go and check it; if of course you can access it, I went by this afternoon and discovered that they are closed for 'repairs to the time clock on the vault', or perhaps they are closed so they can get as much as possible before the jig is up.

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