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InterAmerican Highway Expansion from Bridge of the Americas to Arraiján, and the New Atlantic Bridge Over the Canal

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8-lane highway to Arraijan linked to fourth canal bridge

The expanded highway will link to new bridge

THE EXPANSION of the 10 kilometer  stretch of highway between the Bridge of the Americas and Arraijan, will likely be completed in two years.

The Loma Cová consortium, made up of Constructora Meco and Acciona Infraestructura, won

the contract to expand the Pan­American Highway and will start in connection with the building  the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal.

The consortium’s proposal was for $335.5 million, the highest of the four submitted by the companies interested in this contract that had a reference price of $325.8 million.

The other companies that submitted tenders were CSEC­Conalvías ($269.7 million), FCC

Construcción ($335.2 million) and Astaldi­MCM ($322.6 million.)

Half an hour before the winner was published in PanamaCompra, Public Works Minister Ramón Arosemena and Deputy Minister Marietta Jaén defended the bidding process.

“This tender gives us greater transparency in our public acts” Jaén said.

“Taking into account the expansion of the highway to eight lanes and the construction of six interchanges, this is equivalent to the construction of 35 kilometers of highway.”

The work must be ready within a period of 30 months. But at the press conference, officials said they will ask the company to finish in 24 months.



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Interesting project and very much needed. The Thatcher Ferry bridge needs retirement or a total restoration, not possible with its present use.  The article says the new bridge will be the fourth over the canal, the third bridge in Colón missed its initial completion date so the bridge to Arriajan could be the 3rd bridge.



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1 hour ago, JimAndNena said:

Interesting project and very much needed. The Thatcher Ferry bridge needs retirement or a total restoration, not possible with its present use.  The article says the new bridge will be the fourth over the canal, the third bridge in Colón missed its initial completion date so the bridge to Arriajan could be the 3rd bridge.




Here is the content of the above web link that Jim provided. Also note that the title for this topic was generalized a bit because of this additional information.

Thank you Jim.


Civil engineering - Panama

Atlantic Bridge, Panama

The contract marks the return of a French company to the Panama Canal site. - © VINCI and subsidiaries

In November 2012, VINCI Construction Grands Projects won the contract to build the Atlantic Bridge in Panama. The project, carried out for the Panama Canal Authority (the government agency in charge of operating, maintaining, preserving and modernising the Canal), has a value of $366 million.

The wold's longest cable-stayed concrete bridge
The bridge will be located 3 km north of the Gatun locks, near the city of Colon. The contract covers construction of a 1,050 metre long cable-stayed concrete bridge carrying two lanes of traffic in each direction, with a central span of 530 metres and pylons with a height of 212.5 metres. It will have a vertical clearance of 75 metres above the canal. The Atlantic Bridge will be the world's longest concrete cable stayed bridge, with a central span of 530 metres..

It will notably allow passage of the largest container ships (Post-Panamax), in accordance with the canal expansion programme.

It will also allow vehicles to cross the Panama Canal on the Atlantic side, whether or not the locks are in operation.

To avoid disrupting canal traffic, work will have to be carried out outside the shipping channel, which means the deck will have to be cast in place. The contract also includes construction of access viaducts on either side of the bridge with a total length of 2 km, together with connections to the existing road network.

A new bridge project reference
Work got under way in January 2013 and will take three and a half years to complete. The contract, which marks the historic return of a French company to the Panama Canal site, is yet another addition to VINCI Construction Grands Projets' prestigious portfolio of bridges, which includes the Normandy Bridge  (France), the Severn Bridge (United Kingdom), the Confederation Bridge (Canada), the bridge over the Tagus (Portugal), and the Rion-Antirion bridge (Greece).

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Mega Road Project Awarded for $335 million

The consortium made up of the Costa Rican MECO and the spanish company Acciona Infraestructuras will be extending a 10 kilometer stretch of road to eight lanes and building five interchanges on the Panamerican highway in Panama.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The economic proposal presented in the tender by the winning consortium, Loma Cova, amounted to $335.5 million, higher than the bids of the other two participants in the process, CSEC-Conalvías, whose bid was $269.7 million and Astaldi -MCM, which bid $322.7 million.

The reference price in the tender, called "Study, Design, Construction and Maintenance Works for the expansion and rehabilitation of the Pan American Highway, Section: Bridge of the Americas - Arraiján province of Panama West" was $325 million.

The work involves the expansion to eight lanes of a 10 km stretch of road between the Bridge of the Americas and Arraijan, the construction of five interchanges, with the option of a sixth final exchanger depending on traffic studies. In addition more than 25 km of new roads are planned which include interchanges, roadway expansions, collector roads and highways and repositioning of roads and paths.

More details of the project provided by the Ministry of Public Works: 

Construction will begin about 500 meters before reaching the existing exchanger Howard / Cocolí, continuing through the current corredor of the Panamerican Highway until it passs Loma Coba, and is diverted to the North in a new alignment (stretch variant) to its connection with the route in Burunga Centenario.



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Moderator comment: Also see Keith's blog entry on this same subject at http://www.chiriqui.life/blogs/entry/242-four-bidders-competing-to-construct-the-fourth-bridge-over-the-canal/



Four contenders for canal bridge contract


THE COMPETITION  for the design and construction of the fourth bridge over the The Panama Canal will is down to four contenders two of them from China.

A consortium formed by the Korean company Hyundai and Sacyr of Spain , has dropped out.

Panama recently established diplomatic relations with China which has been aggressively involved in  major railway construction around the world.


Sacyr told La Prensa that the construction companyhas been awarded in the last two years several important bridges in Latin America (Pumarejo and Hisgaura in Colombia) and is working on motorways in in Colombia, Chile and Italy, which include  large bridges. The Panama project would need their best teams “which unfortunately we cannot now deflect from those other projects. ”

A consortium led by Constructora Norberto Odebrecht withdrew in January  following a Cabinet decision.

Despite warnings from civil society about corruption, Odebrecht had been pre-qualified in the tender for the fourth bridge. The Varela administration had granted it numerous contracts, such as Metro  line $2.62 billion and the Colon urban renewal for $569 Million. Panama City followed suit with a $159 million contract.

In December of last year, after revelations of the $788 million bribery in 12 countries, including at least $59 million handed to Panamanian officials between 2010 and 2014, the Government urged Odebrecht to drop out of bidding for the bridge and the third line subway line.

The four groups  still in the race are: Dragados Sucursal Panamá, S.A. (Spain); The consortium Astaldi (Italy) – Daelim (South Korea); The Panama Cuarto Puente Consortium, composed of China Communications Construction Company and China Harbor Engineering Company; The CSCEC Fourth Bridge Consortium – CREC, composed of China State Construction Engineering Corporation and China Railway Group.



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Arraijan  highway reopens Sunday


Posted 29/05/2021

The Minister of Public Works (MOP), Rafael Sabonge, announced that they plan to "gradually open traffic on the Bridge of the Americas- Arraijan highway in both directions" on Sunday, May 30.

Sabonge, together with his team, visited the repair work of the Pan-American highway in Arraiján on Friday.

In recent days, residents of Panama Oeste have complained about the traffic congestion that caused the closure of this main road. They reported that it took them up to four hours to reach their homes when on a regular day they can spend around an hour.



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