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Dixie Swim Club Review


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Real Live Theater shines at the BCP


With The Dixie Swim Club we can say that real live theater has taken hold once again at BCP. Under the professional direction of Gabrielle Reynolds, we are treated to a story that will resonate with many of us in Boquete. 


Five ladies, one a fallen nun, bonded in their teen years as members of a swim team, return every year to the same cottage on the Outer Banks. In four short acts, the play arcs from 1984 to 2017, bringing the characters right up to today. 


At times funny and ultimately touching, we can all relate to the passage of our lives and those of our friends. And the characters are our friends, people we know from our own community, which is what makes live theater so special. The ensemble cast is led by BCP veterans Louis Orr and Linda Miller. Gabriella Reynolds, who is the director and also plays the fallen nun, is a newcomer to Boquete but not the stage. Tina Hoenig and Mamie Brisker Pettit, are welcome new additions to the stable of BCP acting talent. I hope we see more of all of them in the future as Gabrielle builds our theater to become once again a shining star in our Boquete life. 


Let’s face it - live theater at the BCP is among the best entertainment to be found in Boquete. We should all celebrate the huge effort it takes to mount a stage play and the herculean effort and courage it takes to act in one. Everyone involved in this play, onstage and off, should be very proud of what they have created for our entertainment. 


Dixie Swim Club is an excellent addition to the storied history of the BCP, so come on down and check it out - laugh, cry and clap for the five women in a cottage.


Mark Heyer 















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Marcelyn and I attended the Sunday matinee of the Dixie Swim Club earlier this afternoon. Mark's above review is right on target. We totally enjoyed the performance. Only five actors (actually actresses, to be politically correct) on stage. There were some very good lines in the script, lines that brought back memories, some good vibes and some not so good vibes. The best way to describe my emotions is to call them "touching and poignant."

It was a full house, and a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Not wanting to take anything away from any of the performers or performances because they were all very good, but Gabrielle, who was one of the five roles (the fallen nun), was also the show's director. She obviously did a superb job. We hope that she will continue to bless our community with more of her creative energies.

If you have not seen this show yet, you owe it to yourself to go, assuming tickets are still available.

Kudos to all.

And then we ended today with seven of us getting together for dinner at Big Daddy's Grill. Does life get any better?

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