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Plants and Compostables from Finca Tangara


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To the Boquete community:cleardot.gif
The annual plant sale for the Biblioteca de Boquete will be held this year on Saturday April 15. Last year I trucked in many plants and trees -- but they don't fare so well under those conditions. Moreover I trucked in two large truckloads of bagged cow manure + wood ash -- a good start for composting. This year I propose the following"
   (i) if you want our organic fertilizer, please order it now: 1 sack (using Mort's 25lb flower sacks) for $5. Mort's 50lb sack for $10.
   When you order, please come out to get it  (by pre-arrangement so I will be here) and take a look at our nursery. If there's a plant you want, I'll put your name on it and have it ready for the growing season -- around April 15. If there are plants that you want that we are out of, I can start them for you. All plants are $5; all proceeds are for the Library Endowment Fund.
   Also, I am willing to visit your place for a consult, pruning advice, or advising your gardener. $25/hour -- for the library.
  For a powerpoint on local plants and growing, see: 



   Peter Sterling 6652-2763    psterlin@gmail.com
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