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Android TV in Boquete

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I've had the "droid" box for about a year. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Truthfully, I only use it to access USTV Now to watch the evening news and reruns of Modern Family. I bought it through Mike Niscrome and it cost $250 for purchase and set up. Every subsequent service call cost me $25. I think there's better deals out there and, like all electronics, they get better every day.

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14 hours ago, Bajareque said:

Does anyone have experience using android TV box in Boquete? I'm considering getting one and would like to hear about any potential problems, risks, or downside.

I have an AVOV box and subscribe to an IPTV service for $12.50/month.  The box will take several apps, including Kodi.  I installed a movie/tv app and USTVnow on Kodi.  The IPTV has live streaming TV with all the channels (CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, networks, etc.).  Roku and the Kodi box do not have live programs (except for USTVnow networks, if you install it).  I don't think the Amazon fire stick does either, but I'm not sure about that.  You do not need a VPN with this system.  I can't think of any programming I can't get, including Netflix.  If you want to know more about it, send me a personal message.

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