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  1. Quite frankly I doubt that oxygen therapy will do much good. It doesn't treat the disease, just the symptom. But at least it's a step in the right direction as the current mainstream medicine approach everywhere is to send the patient home and do essentially nothing until they get sick enough to be hospitalized. As in most diseases they key to successful outcomes is likely to be early treatment. The jury really is still out on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. I have yet to see a study on inhaled steroids, although they sound very promising. The ozone studies in Italy, Spain and Ch
  2. Sr. Guerra did not answer my call. The van we have booked is quite large and can easily hold four people plus all their luggage. The service is a trusted driver who we have known and used for many years. With four people the cost would be $125 per person, which we consider reasonable.
  3. We've booked a van and driver to take us to Panama City on the night of June 2 in order to get us there in time for our morning flight on June 3. This avoids having to stay overnight in Panama City where the available hotels are few and far between. The cost of the van is $500 and it can take another 1 or 2 passengers. If anyone is interested in sharing the ride please let me know.
  4. We need to get to PTY on June 2. Is anyone arranging rides or want to share a ride?
  5. Alfa Clinic in downtown Boquete now has the immunological COVID-19 tests available. The immunological tests are different from the acute tests done by MINSA. MINSA's PCR tests detect viral RNA in a nasal or throat swab. They tell you whether the virus is present at the moment the swab is taken. They turn negative when the virus is gone. The immunological tests measure antibodies to the virus. They don't turn positive until your body mounts an immune reaction to the virus. Sometimes it takes up to three weeks after symptoms start before the body makes enough antibodies to be accurately
  6. Bud, Browse to the MINSA map. Zoom in to the red dot for Alto Boquete. Click on the dot. A popup window will appear with the case count for Alto Boquete. As OrangeHoof says this was 4 yesterday. Now it's 14.
  7. From Consumerlab.com, a highly reputable subscription website with objective analysis of consumer health products, mostly supplements: Heating kills coronavirus Heat is very effective at sanitizing and disinfecting objects from coronavirus. In fact, the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 may be even more sensitive to heat than the earlier SARS-CoV virus. Experiments done in China in 2002 with SARS-CoV in culture medium (Duan, Biomed Env Sci 2003) showed that it became undetectable after 30 minutes when heated to a temperature of 167°F, but recent tests with SARS-CoV-2 in Hong Kong
  8. re Masks If you want to use masks it's not a problem to get them. We ordered a pack of N99 masks from China through Ailibaba.com and received them in ten days. China has ramped up production of masks and is exporting them by the millions.
  9. It would be great if somebody would keep the list updated so we know which restaurants are really open for delivery or takeout.
  10. More on masks: Can Masks Capture Coronavirus Particles? How Long Do Pollution Masks Last? | New Data Is Washing Masks Effective After Virus Exposure?
  11. Masks can be disinfected and reused Stanford has just put out a study examining the effectiveness of different kinds of masks and the ability to reuse masks after disinfection. Bottom lines: 1. N95 surgical masks are the best, but masks made from vacuum cleaner bags run a close second. Cotton masks are in the middle of the pack at about 70-75% effectiveness. 2. N95 masks made from Meltblown fiber filtration media are 97% effective and lose only 1-2% effectiveness if steamed in hot water vapor for ten minutes. Coronavirus is heat sensitive. 3. Static-charged cotton masks are about
  12. Microsoft and the CDC have teamed up to create a chatbot for evaluating people with possible COVID-19 symptoms. It's called the coronavirus self checker. You can access it from this web page.
  13. The province of British Columbia has published an online COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool. It follows pretty much the same guidelines as used here in Panama. If you develop symptoms you might want to take this quiz before calling your doctor. -- Ted Harrison, MD
  14. Translation of Abstract from MINSA's COVID-19 Action Plan VIII. HOME CARE (HOUSEHOLDS, HOSTELS AND OTHER COMMUNITY SETTINGS). A. General Taking as reference the WHO interim guidance outlined in the document: "Home care for patients allegedly infected with the new coronavirus who have mild symptoms and contact management", published on January 20, 2020, we designed the guidelines to be followed by the rapid response team (ERR) at home, shelters and other community settings and promptly clinicians caring for patients with respiratory infection infected with
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