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On the 19th I transferred $80 from my bank to Rodny's bank account. I sent him the email, which is requested to notify him of payment. I'm still getting messages that I have not renewed my account with him. Does Mark Heyer still work with him? If so, can he take care of this? (I don't have Mark's email address.) Thank you.

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Dottie, two thoughts for you.

First is that some banks take a day or two for a transfer to be delivered to the receiving account. You may see the funds withdrawn from your account immediately, but that doesn't mean that the recipient sees the incoming funds immediately.

Mark is still very much involved with supporting Rodny Direct. You may contact Mark via a private message (PM) here on CL. His "display name" is MarkoBoquete, and if you click on @MarkoBoquete then you go to his profile, and you can click on the envelope icon to start a PM.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Dottie, 

Thank you very much for your renewal and I am sorry to took a couple of days. For the benefit of others who might have questions about their membership, please feel free to call the Helpline number and talk directly to me. I enjoy hearing from you. 

Best wishes and I look forward to serving you in the coming year,


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