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  1. until
    Trip report and photo show - BCP Tuesday Talk, August 7, BCP theater, 10:30am Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. For two months, Martine and I traveled the expat paradises of Europe. We stayed with expats, including ex-Boquete residents, and this is our report. Photos and our commentary. Your questions invited.
  2. until
    Boquete Photografia meeting Thursday, July 5, at the library, 3:30-5 For photographers, I will be showing and discussing new insights on the differences between paintings and photography and how the biology of the mind influences who we perceive art. Illustrated with new, never before seen photographic art. Guests, $1
  3. Very cool - well cold in fact... A great source of cheap energy for Panama. Their tankers will put lots of ships through the new canal.
  4. Sorry folks, I wanted to delete this post, but you can't do that on the forums it seems. It will come back later.
  5. Some light reading for a rainy Sunday afternoon in Boquete I went down to buy a $70,000 Land Rover and brought home a $999 iPhone X instead
  6. 2 - 2TB Seagate and WD 3.5" internal hard drives - $25 each 3 - 3TB Seagate and WD 3.5" internal hard drives - $35 each Guaranteed working, only used by a little old man for web surfing. Call Mark at 6499-6074 WhatsApp +50764996074
  7. A few weeks ago, I presented this story at the BCP reading group. It was well received and I have gone on to publish it on Medium.com. The story is real, save for one tiny detail. Enjoy... A Haunted Housewarming in Panama Mark Heyer
  8. Just like it says - perfect condition, gold with excellent gold case, 64GB, factory unlocked, will work with any Panama carrier. $280 A great phone, great camera. markh@heyertech.com
  9. The Pacific rim is rockin & rollin Tonight we got a reminder that the earth moves under our feet. The first picture is the last two days. The second is the last week. The whole Pacific rim, up to Alaska and down to Indonesia is moving and shaking. Mark
  10. Boquete is becoming the land of festivals - besides the growing Boquete Flower and Coffee festival, the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival is taking wing as world class event. This year, we added the Boquete Video Festival to our repertoire of BCP events that enrich our lives here in Panama. And what a great addition it is! For a first year premiere, the BVF was a rousing success. Backed by an enthusiastic and dedicated band of volunteers, Patrick and Gabrielle Reynolds with Producer Sheila Strunk organized, recruited video makers, made T-shirts, repainted the BCP lobby a
  11. Bud, thanks for taking the time to report to the community about the status of the police and recent policy issues. This is very helpful and Rodny will send it along to all his members. One question I would have is the scope of the "taking pictures" issue. Does that apply just to the police or to civilians as well? If you take a picture or video of an intruder, is that included? Can it be used as evidence? In the infamous San Carlos robbery a couple of years ago, Rodny's sister organization, the Panama Helpline in Coronado hired a Boquete detective to investigate. Turns out one of the ro
  12. When I try to sign up for passport services, it says "sold out." Is that real or just a political comment?
  13. It all started a few days ago when Keith took me to task on this forum for commenting about what was said in a Tuesday Talk without providing full reporting about what had gone on for those who couldn't attend. I agreed with Keith's comments, so I decided to video the talk this Tuesday by Dr. Digna Diaz of the Alpha Clinic here in Boquete. Being a person who seldom needs medical help, I barely knew that the clinic existed, right across from Mailboxes Etc. So I did video the presentation, which was excellent and informative, and Wednesday morning uploaded it to YouTube for all to see, tha
  14. Keith, as a member in good standing of Rodny Direct, or in fact anyone in the general public with a question, you are welcome to ask at info@rodnydirect.com. Want to know the cost of an MRI at Mae Lewis? Just ask. No charge. Honest and direct answers. By the way, if you are interested in this topic, you might want to catch the presentation this Tuesday by Dr. Diaz regarding primary care in Boquete. Just a hint.
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