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Better controls of notaries urged

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400 false notary statements annually

Arriajan sales in doubt

POLITICAL cronyism and insider rewards, have led to an increase in fraud cases aided by notaries, leading to calls for better controls.

La Prensa reports a high number of fraud cases currently pending involving documents in the Public Registry.

The situation came to prominence last year when fraudulent documents were found at the center of a fraud case in Arraiján, where land valued at $7 million was allegedly sold to several different people despite already having an owner.

Ricardo Valencia, the original owner of the property, presented a complaint over the fraudulent sales to the Public Ministry.

The subsequent investigation found that a notary had allegedly falsified documents that allowed the land to be sold without the knowledge of the owner.

Data from the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicate that more than 400 cases are being processed each year relating to the falsification of notarized documents.

Annette Planells, a member of the Independent Movement (MOVIN) said that to avoid such crimes, notaries’ regulations should be improved.

“The appointment of notaries have been questioned through the years,” she said, noting that these have become political appointments


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On 12/19/2016 at 8:58 AM, Keith Woolford said:

The appointments of Notary Publics is pure political patronage and occurs with each change of government. There is a lot of money to be earned operating an efficient Notaria legitimately.
This system leads to the possibility that there may be favors to repay.

This makes me wonder what other "appointments" lead to favors to repay.

Several here in Boquete? I understand corregiadors are political appointments. What other officials fit in this category?




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