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I don't generally promote online charities or charitable actions. This is an exception.
Tom McCormack has a foundation, and through it for the last ten years he has been collecting in the US and shipping to Panama donated prosthetic arms, legs and other parts, along with medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and the like. Those items are of immense help to hundreds or thousands of Panamanian people with disabilities.
A side benefit of Tom's work is that he accepts shipments of yarn, fabrics, batting and other materials for the Boquete Knitters and Quilters group started by my wife, Brandy. He puts those materials into the containers he ships to Panama and thus saves the Knitters and Quilters a lot of shipping costs.
A TV station in Panama is sponsoring a competition among various "Heros of Panama." One of the competitors is a lady who is one of Tom's local volunteers. The prize for the "Hero" who receives the most votes will be a substantial amount of money for his or her charity. You can see information about Ruby Cianca at this link on the TV station's site: http://www.tvn-2.com/produccion/heroesporpanama/perfiles/2016/rubi_cianca/
(Vote while you're there!) You can translate the page with translate.google.com if you need to.
Votes are made online and are limited only to one vote per hour. If a lot of you vote for RUBY CIANCA multiple, multiple times, we have a possibility of raising money for Tom's work of love, and thus for a lot of disabled Panamanians and for a lot of babies of the poorer people in the province of Chiriqui who receive the items produced by the Knitters and Quilters.
SO...Voting early and voting often is quite legal in this system. PLEASE click this link http://www.tvn-2.com/produccion/heroesporpanama/perfiles/2016/rubi_cianca/
several times per day. You can probably just leave the page open in a tab and click on it again every hour. Please continue until you receive a message on the page that the contest has ended. With your help, Tom McCormack's foundation and Ruby Cianca can win!
THANKS for participating and helping a lot of needy people in Panama.
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The McCormack Foundation has brought hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and more to the Fundacion pro Integracion in Alto Boquete.  It has brought oxygen concentrators to Boquete Hospice and Health Services.  It has brought supplies used by Amigos de Animales at their clinics.   Everything the McCormack Foundation brings is used to help improve lives in Chiriqui.

Please go to the link in the original post and vote!  And share with ALL your friends, asking them to vote, too.

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Voting several times a day!  And I learned that you can vote from your computer AND your smart phone AND your iPad or tablet every hour!

Let's get this win for Rubi Cianca and the McCormack Foundation.  This is one election we can agree on.

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