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On Sunday 4 of us took the long ride up the mountain to Seasons Restaurant in Lucero. The restaurant is very nice and well appointed with dining both inside and outside under the covered patio. The only thing I was disappointed in was the bill. The food was OK, but not spectacular. Three of us ordered the ribs which were verbally presented as a special of the day. We should have asked the price but were thinking they couldn't be much more expensive than the ribs at the Rock. Big mistake. They were $29 and when we asked for the pensionado discount were told that it wasn't available since they were "a special". This triggered memories of how Craig used to list his most popular items at Las Ruinas on the chalk board instead of the menu. By doing this he felt he didn't have to give the pensionado discount.

Now, the law doesn't say anything about not discounting "specials" especially if the special isn't offered at a discounted price.

Anyway, while it's a very rare restaurant in which I ask for the discount, this flouting of the law pisses me off. I think I won't return.

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This flouting of the law by not allowing the pensionado discount to their customers seems to be a common thread for some of the local restaurants. Too bad. This doesn't bode well for their staying in business very long. And how did you like all those steps you had to climb to get to Seasons Restaurant? I think we won't return either.

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Seasons pizza is exceptional. The best I've had in the area. I dislike overly cheesy and sauced pizza which Is all I can find in town. I like a rustic crust and theirs is delicious. I've also had one of the Thai dishes which was super spicy and tasty. The servce was outstanding. Friendly and attentive. Couldn't care less about the steps but, if one has difficulty managing stairs, it could be an issue. My only complaint? The cost of the wine! We would have loved to order a bottle but anything we would have ordered was $65 or over. From memory, I think most of the bottles were well over $80 and into the hundreds. When I asked about it, the server said that they had a sommelier who had chosen the wine and set the prices however she was no longer working there. I don't think that was a really rational answer and, until the prices come down on the wine, we won't be ordering any. This also means that we'll probably only go for lunch since we usually enjoy wine with dinner.

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