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What you should do.

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"You should concentrate on how bad things are getting in Panama."

from On High 


We are offering advanced coursework in "Conentration" to help the uninitiated to focus upon and mull-over bad things. Concentrating upon bad things is uplifting and positive, and the rewards are incalculable.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

       --That constant jittery feeling can lead to rapid weight loss.

       --Eyeball-darting strengthens the oscular musculature, and helps to                        condition the dark bag circles under the eyes, leading to that popular                  "haunted" appearance.

       --Laying awake at night fretting increases opportunities for concentration. 

.      --It will be an enormous relief when you finally realize that things can't get                any worse!!

Sign up today to receive FREE video seminars:

            "It Ain't Paranoia if They Really ARE After You". presented by wryawry,  and,     "One-Hundred and One Ways That You're Not Worthy", presented by    The Potentate of Potrerillos.

Three year course, only $9.99 Balboas per month.

ACT NOW!!!    

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