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Dog abandoned and traumatized


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Marion Torgany rescued a dog on Tuesday that was dumped from a car.  He was a lucky dog to have Marion driving right behind the man who dumped him.  He is an old dog, skinny, and very traumatized by the incident.  Marion is going to keep him until he recovers his trust, unless somebody wants to adopt him.  If anybody recognizes the dog and knows who the man is, please let us know.
Here is Marion's report of the incident:
Today 8.00 in the morning I was on the way to Boquete.
Driving north , across Jessica's horse place I watched a Gringo kicking a dog out of his car.
He drove away. Left a black , male dog, medium size. 
I followed the driver, made him stop. he right away got rude called me a f.. German and told me how many years he already lives here and that I should mind my own business etc. ...
I think he came from the Caldera road. I followed him to downtown Boquete.  He than entered the road to Isla Verde and Valle Escondido. 
He drove a grey Ranger Pickup. Tall man , Not fat, about 60. Could not remember  his license plate.
If someone thinks he knows him, please let me know, I want to place a denuncia.
I brought  the dog to Dra.Chely. He got medicine, blood test done - and now I have him at my  home.

She named the dog Moritz.
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Blessings to Marion who cares so deeply about animals. What a beautiful but sad looking dog. I hope the cruel person who dumped him can be identified and a denuncia filed against him. People, including expats, need to learn to respect the feeling and needs of animals.

I always hope that Karmic justice will send animal abusers back as the animal they abused, to themselves be abused just as they abused animals.

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Somebody identified the owner of the truck, and it seems there was a lot of confusion about what happened.  The person said they were trying to rescue the dog, not dumping him.  They had fed him previously, but couldn't catch him.  The dog is now safe and being taken care of, which is what everybody was trying to do.

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