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Our diputada Athenas Athanadasias re-Tweeted this statement today by Juan Carlos Tapia, a well known political commentator and boxing promoter.

"There is nothing more unpleasant than to listen to a foreigner speaking poorly of our country and of us. We invite them to leave the same way they entered."

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You should see my post regarding this thread.  I am a little bit more harsh.   

This tweet deals specially with one group of nationals of Venezuela.  They have posted recently a series of messages in tweeter and Facebook that is causing to much anger in Panamanians.   They are coming illegally.  They are working in a semi slavery state.  They are not paying taxes and social security.  They are offering extreme lower prices on services offered by national established companies creating disloyal competence.  They shout and scream to people working in supermarkets, stores, etc.   So tolerance of panamanian people are reaching its limits.   It has created a xenophobic trend against venezuelans exclusively.   There are an exagerated influx of venezuelans in Panama and more thant 50% are illegal and are working illegally.  

Panama is a country of barely 4 millions people and more than 500k of foreing people in the country represent 12,5% of it total population.  Panama by history and tradition has been a country of immigrants but people wont accept any disrespect, arrogance, insults and bad critics from people that came here looking for new opportunities that can be done in their country of origin.  

It has been a heated debate without insults and name calling except for.... the venezuelans that have been banned and blocked by Mr. Tapia.   



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Personally, considering the state of World wide people movement I truely appreciate that Panama extended it's hand to us and invited us to immigrate.  Since getting here we have had a wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoy the people, the lifestyle ( O.K., " manana" took a bit of getting used to!) and the weather.  For those that are critical, please go elsewhere.

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Roger's reply to Keith's topic was an eye opener for me. I had no idea that some Colombianos are creating such a stir. My take is that this topic is not limited to Colombianos only, because I see (and hear) expats from the north (as opposed to the south) that go over a line of disrespect as well.

When I made the decision to move to Boquete, I promised myself always to conduct myself as a guest in my adopted home. My mom would be seriously disappointed in me if I did otherwise. Being candid, however, I admit that I have at times lost control. The mañana thing mentioned by JohnF was a biggie for me. I tried to always go back and apologize, and to forgive my transgression. The number two item that bothers me is my inability to get a good grasp on the Spanish language. I just find it incredibly difficult at my age.

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12 minutes ago, JudyS said:

Bud, Roger was talking about Venezuelans, not Colombians.

Color me red faced. You are absolutely correct. My mind went into idiot mode. I apologize to all. My earlier posting should have made reference to Venezuelans, not Colombians.

You know, even my computer was telling me while I was typing that it was incorrect, but I just charged ahead. Oh well, .... :o

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This article from TVN deals with the remarks which have offended many Panamanians.

Proposal to Impose Sanctions on Foreigners who Disrespect Panama


The proposal was made after the mockeries that were made by a Venezuelan comedian about Panama, before his appearance in the country, that was canceled.

With concern the National College of Lawyers (CNA) sees the constant insults to the national dignity by foreign citizens and has requested  the National Immigration Service to impose sanctions on those who disrespect the country.

This proposal arises from a new incident with a Venezuelan comedian who made a "mockery" of Panama, the country that he was coming to appear.

Juan Carlos Arauz, vice president of the CNA said in a telephone interview in AM News that a letter had been sent to the above mentioned entity to protect the lives, honor and property of nationals.

The words of the jurist echo the large amount of Panamanians who have expressed their rejection by the offensive words to the Panamanian nationality, by the Venezuelan comedian George Harris.

Harris would be presented in the country next 16 September, but canceled his show, arguing threats.

The bad jokes about Panama

The situation arose after Harris do "jokes" of Panamanians, during a presentation in Miami.

Mocked, since according to him, Panama does not have a typical dish, also made a mockery of the program that was called "Melting Pot", precisely to regularize foreigners.

He mentioned that Panamanians are "slow" and that gringos come to Panama for a quiet place to smoke marijuana, among other comments, which were very badly taken by Panamanians, that through social networks sent messages of rejection to Harris.

Compared to Panama with the streets of Maturín, a city of Venezuela and also laughed at the fact that Panama is called the little Miami of Central America.

Hundreds of messages flooded the social networks and led to cancel his show before the firestorm of criticism.

The ANC demands respect

This fact led to the actions of the CNA. In the letter sent to the Director of Immigration Javier Carrillo, the CNA respectfully requested to use his good offices in order to that based on the Decree-Law of 3 February 2008, is prevented from the entry to Panama to Venezuelan citizen and comedian.

"Our authorities are instituted by constitutional duty to protect the lives, honor and property of Panamanians and honor involves precisely this. This is that Panama cannot be vilified and hit constantly", he said.

Added Araúz that the reactions of the citizenship begin to generate discussions on networks, instead of reaching a direct channel where you can discuss. Therefore, the CNA submitted the request to the authorities instituted to ensure the regulation of entry of an individual who has "violated" the honor of Panamanians.

The CNA appeals to you punishment because you cannot be eternally in the expectation of these events where are in breach of the regulations and nothing happens.

Arauz indicated that the director of migration should at its discretion to prohibit entry to any individual who violates this way to the country and in this way create a culture of respect for Panama.

"Everyone who wants to come can do so in the degree of peaceful coexistence with the Panamanians and respecting the regulations", sentenced.

This guild, through the commission of migration, involving more than 60 professionals and experts in the subject, has made several recommendations and according Araúz, migration has "deposited on deaf ears".

The application of the CNA was presented to Migration yesterday afternoon, so that it may take up to 30 days to give a reply to the letter.


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