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New Construction across from La Posada

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I have heard it will be apartments. There is a real demand for rentals within walking distance of the downtown area.

The other building I believe was purchased by the microbrewery owners who will enlarge their facility and move it across the street.

Boquete is experiencing a real building boom including the remodeling of the Mexican restaurant into apartments, the new Super Baru store, the huge school construction across from El Constructor, the project next to Machu Pichu Restaurant, etc, etc.

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2 hours ago, Marcelyn said:

Where is parking for the new Super Baru store?

Good question.  Where is parking anywhere?  Someone needs to open a parking lot.  Maybe they could tear down that ugly never-finished monstrosity across from the old Bistro and turn it into a parking lot.

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Every time I drive across the bridge into town I'm irritated by the flower vendors' stands taking up parking space on the side of the Centro de Salud. Many times the tents are empty but nonetheless taking up space. Why can't these be moved to the new market, which appears to still have plenty of space for vendors? Parking is at a premium in downtown Boquete, particularly in this area around Romero.

I note that parking already is virtually non-existent on the little side road where the new Deli Baru will be located. At least there is the possibility of street parking where it now is located.

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Unsolicited opinion here.

In looking at the ongoing construction of the new Super Barú here in downtown Boqueteville, it appears that it will be a rather small store, only two stories high. Straight-in, off-street parking will be in front of the building, and my guess is about eight slots, mas o menos.

Once the store is completed and in operation, that will be a very crowded area. But at least there will be some serious competition for the current grocery stores. Competition is always good.

Even though it would have been more distance [from where we live], I actually would have preferred the Super Barú to be in Alto Boquete where there would be more space for both the store and the parking. It wasn't my decision, however. Such is life.

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