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Passing of Ralph Desseau

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Here's the notice from Ralph's son Louis is is here in Panama:



> All,
> It was such a pleasure to attend the Rotary of Boquete meeting this evening and to meet more of the wonderful and caring friends of Ralph. Immediately after the meeting, I headed back to David.
> You will recall I was enthusiastic about his discharge from the Chiriqui Hospital this Saturday.
> Unfortunately, there was a further complication and father passed away this evening at 7:25 pm.
> He thoroughly enjoyed his time in Panama in particular with his winged friends so I suspect he has now earned his own wings and will be among the angels.
> There will not be funeral services in Panama but I will return this summer to host a celebration of his life.
> Please excuse this mass mailing but rest assured I am most appreciative to each and every one of you for having made his time in Panamaso pleasant.
> Do not be sad, but rather think of a time he made you smile or laugh or admire one of the birds he was so fond of.
> I share this with you on behalf of my mother Carmen, and my wife Sylvie.
> Sincerely,
> Louis


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I also just hear the news from a Panamanian friend and neighbor who knows Ralph's landlady - who lived next door to him.  Marta told me on Tuesday that Ralph had been in an auto accident while driving home from the airport in David, and was in serious condition at Chiriqui Hospital.  It is not easy to recover from serious injuries when you are in your 80's.  I was saddened when Marta called me a few minutes ago to tell me that Ralph had died during the night. 

Ralph had invited me over for a traditional afternoon tea a couple of times, and we had long discussions about our lives and respective interests in nature- in particular, his love of birds, especially hummingbirds.  Ralph lived not far from me in Volcancito - near the entrance to Santa Lucia in a very, very modest little rental house.  He told me that he was of Danish descent - raised in a wealthy family with servants, and an engineer in the U.S. during his working days.  He also said that he was spending a lot to provide care for his wife, who was in a full-care facility for people with Alzheimer's Disease in the U.S. 

I admired and respected Ralph, and will miss his presence here.  If anyone wants something to remember him and his contributions to bird lore during his days in Boquete, I believe that Piggy Press Books has some of his books available at the Tuesday Morning Market.



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Like Dave and Erin, I first met Ralph a long time ago. And then Marcelyn got to meet him about three years ago.

It is so sad to read of his passing. Yes, he did love his hummingbirds. Ralph was a gentle gentleman. We will miss him. Condolences to his family.

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