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I'll be a newcomer to Boquete as of June 1, 2016 and hope medical coverage can be arranged before or soon after then.  Have some referrals to agents / brokers of different plans and waiting for responses.  Have other suggestions but without referral contact information, such as the Chiriqui hospital plan.  Confident that patience will pay off, but would like to work multiple angles in the meantime.  Will keep my Medicare coverage in the US just in case, but would prefer Panama coverage for POM.  Please let me know if you have a plan you like (I'm 70 and healthy and good shape) and can refer me to a contact.  Thanks in advance.  Dennis Philpot

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You are very wise to be concerned about your medical coverage before you move down here. 

Our agent is :


                  Gonzalo de la Guardia
          "International Health Insurance"
                    Cel: 507-6671-3357
                   Office: 507-393-5530
                    Skype: gedelaguardia
          Panama City, Republic of Panama



http://www.vumigroup.com/    the same company he has for his family.! Highly rated for service and speed of payment. 

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Marcelyn is correct. The absolute cut off age for every policy I encountered is 70. But an agent can verify this. And, if you don't already know, the premiums (on what I consider to be an expensive policy to begin with if you're in your sixties) increase dramatically with each year of aging.

I have to confess that I did not fully consider the issue of health insurance when we made our move nine years ago. In large part I think it was because I had a job for over 30 years that gave me full health insurance coverage at no expense to me, so health insurance had never been an issue. But I also was lulled into believing that the costs of healthcare in Panama were minimal, which is partially true if you suffer no catastrophic illness or injury. But, in the latter case, costs can reach the tens of thousands of dollars and more. I know because I've experienced it. You are wise indeed to be seriously investigating this aspect of your anticipated relocation.

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Thanks to all who replied to my message.  I followed up all the suggestions and have had numerous quotes on various policies.  Bottom line is that most were way too expensive and the others too limited and still expensive (for me) -- and all of it is related to being 70 and without regard to the fact that I seldom need care or prescriptions and am in good shape (as of today).  So I'll plan to self-insure (i.e. pay out of pocket) for routine care in Panama and maintain my US Medicare plan where I currently live for other care.  Not the best solution and still not without risks, but I think I'll be OK and am willing to take them.  Hope to see you all around town in the near future.

All the best, Dennis

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