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The Rotary Club Venta de Patio


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On Sunday March 20th. Club Rotario de Boquete had a Venta

Patio to raise funds to start renovations at PARQUE EL TRÓPEZON.


This park is in great need of renovation.

If you would like to know more about this big Project, please come

to the table Club Rotario de Boquete has at the Tuesday Market,

every Tuesday from  9.00am  -  Noon


Thank to all of the donations from our community, the help

from Boquete News, Radio Chiriquí,  the Municipality of

Boquete, Cecilia Macintyre and Roderick Tedman, without 

your help this Venta de Patio would not had happen.

On Sunday many people came early to the sale.
They did line up waiting for 9:00 am to find good deals, and that
is exactly what they found!

We raise the amazing amount of $3,100.00.-

We had a GREAT SALE.
Thank you all so much !

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