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How to renew a Panamanian drivers license


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Contributed to news.boquete by a loyal subscriber:

Driver licenses can be renewed on line at this site:  https://www.sertracen.com.pa/ampliacion-de-licencias/  The only caveat is it’s a Spanish-only website. There are two options: you can request an appointment for renewal at SERTRACEN in David (you will not be allowed in without an appointment) or renew online with eyesight and hearing tests given on line (ppc earphones recommended). For those over 70, the medical certificate can be uploaded along with your ID (cedula or passport). The process won't move through without uploading the required documentation. You can also pay online or you can pay when you go in for your appointment.

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Moderator comment: Online license renewal mentioned above is not applicable to everyone. Read further.


Renovación de licencia

Toda persona a partir de los 85 años de edad debe realizar la prueba de pericia según la(s) categoría(s) que contenga su licencia de conducir, por lo que la renovación debe efectuarse en una sucursal que se realice validación práctica.
La licencia de conducir para toda persona a partir de los setenta (70) años tiene una vigencia de dos (2) años.
Los requisitos para los trámites de renovación de licencia están condicionados a la categoría mayor.
Se debe estar paz y salvo con la Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre.
No debe haber acumulado más de cincuenta (50) puntos en su historial de conductor, al momento de solicitar el trámite. [Requisito por ley 146 del 15 de abril de 2020, empieza a regir a partir del 15 de mayo de 2020]
Para cambio de documentos de identidad (pasaporte a pasaporte, pasaporte a cédula, cédula a pasaporte o cédula a cédula), los registros deben estar actualizados al nuevo número:
 Registro vehicular (se deben actualizar los vehículos que mantiene)
 Infracciones menores (los pendientes deben estar pagos y los arreglos de pago deben ser actualizados al nuevo número de documento)
 Pesos y dimensiones (los tramites de los vehículos que mantengan o que estuvieran relacionados a sus nombre, debieron culminar todos sus procesos, es decir el retiro de tarjetas y pagos)
 Juzgados de tránsito (restricciones y partes policivos deben estar resueltos o actualizados al nuevo número).
La emisión de la licencia de conducir está condicionada al cumplimiento de lo establecido en el reglamento de tránsito.


Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above text from the referenced website.

License renewal
Every person over 85 years of age must take the skill test according to the category (s) that their driver's license contains, so the renewal must be carried out at a branch that carries out practical validation.
The driver's license for anyone over seventy (70) years of age is valid for two (2) years.
The requirements for license renewal procedures are conditioned to the highest category.
There must be peace and safety with the Transit and Land Transportation Authority.
You must not have accumulated more than fifty (50) points in your driving record at the time of requesting the procedure. [Requirement by law 146 of April 15, 2020, takes effect as of May 15, 2020]
To change identity documents (passport to passport, passport to ID, ID to passport or ID to ID), the records must be updated to the new number
  • Vehicle registration (the vehicles it maintains must be updated)
  • Minor infractions (pending must be paid and payment arrangements must be updated to the new document number)
  • Weights and dimensions (the procedures for the vehicles that they maintain or that were related to their name, had to complete all their processes, that is, the withdrawal of cards and payments)
  • Traffic courts (restrictions and police reports must be resolved or updated to the new number). The issuance of the driver's license is conditional on compliance with the provisions of the traffic regulations.


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