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Suspended from Ning

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Apparently I wasn't suspended from NING earlier when I though I had been. What they had done was delete the little block ad about News.Boquete that Lee had always carried for free. I thought their message to me meant that I personally had been deleted. This time I got deleted for real because I wanted to post a discussion about signing up for the News.Boquete free service and they don't like that.

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It appears that the Ning admins have now removed 95% of the most experienced, knowledgeable, long term Boquete residents from their site. What a brilliant strategy for attracting advertisers and consideration for those who are seeking assistance about life in our little town.

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9 hours ago, Penny said:

You have been suspended from Boquete Panama

Sorry, Penny Barrett, you can not access Boquete Panama as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator.

Message to the Administrator


Wow, not just suspended from Ning, but from Boquete Panama as well. Ning must be very powerful! (Chuckle.)

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I would bet to wager, by the middle of the rainy season, they will no longer be relevant. By then, CL will easily have over 1000 members. It's just surprising the local business's have not caught on yet. I think when there is an increase in the classified ads here on CL then we will know it is the beginning of the end for Ning. Which in a way, is very sad, since Lee started something that "was" great for the community.

It's all about KARMA!

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Uncle Doug, I don't think Ning is considered a ''successful forum'' any longer.  And you don't really have to be knowledgeable and/or connected to be banned.. sometimes just an association with someone they don't like that'll get you the exit door.  Goes to show, you never can tell.

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