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Don't touch your face. Value of a face cover

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OK so the wind is blowing, my hair is in my eyes and I have allergies and my nose is running. ( I am in my own back yard) I realize how MANY times I have touched my face...nose, eyes.  LOTS.  I have a habit.  I rub my nose.  I can not stop even though I try.  Now at this point of the COVID infection , we must just cover the face.  Pick: fancy mask, bandana...  put something over your face.  The masks move and are a potential for self infection if loose , mis-fitting or manipulated.   

TEE SHIRT STRIPS.  This works real well and for short term use works fine according to what I had read in medical literature.  Take a tee. cut the body across in 6-8 inch strips. Cut one end.  So now you have a long 8 inch wide strip.  Take that and place over nose and mouth and tie behind the head,.  You can double the layer.  Experiment.  Keeps the hair outta the eyes and hand off your face.  It is much better than a mask that is half on or manipulated ( I see that an awful lot)

I saw a show yesterday . It was an interview with an ER doc in N.Y.  That was the exact message he gave. "Chances are slim you will get this,  IF you don't  touch your face,  frequent hand washing....stop smoking "( hand to mouth)  Say it again:  AVOID HAND TO FACE CONTACT WHEN OUT SHOPPING

This is war.....we will win and have one helluvah party !  


PLEASE PLEASE help others to learn how to handle this.  IF you see something say something.  I gave the "don't touch your face" speech  more times than I can count to a man servicing the cash register at a busy store.  Interesting because we were talking about  the value of a mask.   I told him what I just told you.  In that time, he tweaked his nose with his finger at least 5 times.  Each time Bill and I said in UNISION ......"Dont touch your face"  ( he was NOT aware he was doing it..its a habit HE has an he's not aware he is doing it..like me)  Next week we saw him using a mask. 


Alcohol and hand sanitizer is hard to find now. Put a wash cloth soaked in Clorox solution.inside ziplocks  (.I doubt you need 100%...just a solution)  Use that for your hands a/o surfaces. Pack a few...off ya go !  When you get home...take care of the hands...hand creme.  


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My husband ( who kicked and screamed against my harping, came home to report:

" You wouldn't believe it.  I saw a woman with mask and gloves on,  come out of shopping.   She took her mask off with her dirty gloved hands and put that mask inside her purse then took her gloves off and toss them on the car seat"     My point is...he has developed an awareness, and as well habits.  He's getting good at it.  Now when he sees these things it makes an impact...and impression.  He sees now what he was blind to 4 weeks ago.   A month ago he didn't care, he didn't know and he was beginning to start filing for divorce with my harping.  This is more than a 15 day gig.  We have to develop habits that keep us alive until that vaccine comes on board. 

So the lady contaminated her mask if her gloves picked up virus on any surface during shopping.  it was on the mask which she put inside her purse contaminating that.  She contaminated the car seat with her dirty gloves.  I do hope  re-use of those was not her future agenda.  It not being critical.  Its developing habits and then you have awareness of others mistakes.  IF we help each other we'll as a team get through this alive. 

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Very good advice. Thanks, Alison.

We've seen some good videos on the proper procedure for hand washing, but declined to post any, primarily because we are afraid of information overload. However, given the severe consequences of not "unlearning" long-held habits in today's world, perhaps we should post.

There are numerous YouTube videos about this subject, and in general any of them are good. The first video clip is more about why and which method and options, and the second video is about how.

As an aside, I now wash my hands at least six times a day, not counting every time there is a chance of exposure to others' hand residue, such as after coming home from the grocery store and pushing around a shopping cart, or handling money (either paper or coin). Personal opinion here, a credit card might be safer to use from a health perspective.

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Moderator comment: In a related issue (lifespan of the virus on surfaces), here is an interesting article. Assuming that paper (as in paper currency) has similar virus lifespan as cardboard, we should be careful even with money.


New study suggests how long coronavirus can stay on surfaces

Source: Gray News


(Gray News) - The COVID-19 virus can persist in the air and on surfaces for hours, if not days, according to a new study performed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), CDC, UCLA and Princeton University.

Researchers and scientists found that the new coronavirus was detectable and stable on contaminated objects, suggesting that people could become infected in numerous ways.

The study attempted to mimic the virus being deposited from an infected person onto surfaces in household or hospital settings, such as through coughing or touching objects. Scientists investigated how long the virus remained infectious on those surfaces.

“The scientists found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel,” the National Institutes of Health said.

Evidence suggests, according to scientists, that people may be spreading the virus without knowing."Most secondary cases of virus transmission appear to be occurring in community settings rather than healthcare settings," the study said.

Here are some tips from the NIH:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.



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Why not get crafty.  Sew a mask with a pocket and slide in a square of vacuum cleaner bags...some of those bags are HEPA filters right?

Toss the filter square after use

Wash the cotton mask  in chlorine

IF we distance .(.. and now men and ladies' days) ...a bandanna (scarf) is better than nothing considering HAND TO FACE is the most common way transmission occurs ( apart from a sneeze in range) ....Its the things you touch and bring to your face. Bandanna does that job...right? 

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