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It is Important to ASK ... Nicely! Being Safe In Boquete....


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Dear Community,

This story has a very happy ending…. But a Lesson too. I hope you heed it.

Living in Boquete for 15 years and having reached the enchanted age of 76…. has taught me to be Nimble, Look Down, Wear Good Shoes (Not flip flops!) when walking around our Boquete town. Falling is a concrete fear, here.

It only takes an Instant! This week my Instant was between Chopsticks and Mel’s Grill!

A  Really SLIGHT LIP between the 2 Restaurants caught my left foot as I looked up at an Abierto sign…..and I did an amazing Full body Slam onto the tile terrazo.

After my knees and  breast hit  and my head hit (thunk!) … then my hand… I really was scared.

All personnel from both restaurants ran out to help me and then to get my Dave from our car, to be with me.

Marisol and her staff and Mel and his wife were all there to help me.

Having medical background I knew not to let them move me at first, until I had assessed if I could move limbs , neck, eyes, clear headedness, etc.

Then they pulled me to sit upright against the building. Where I sat for a half hour to be sure I was able to function.

Due to some good padding on my body and an extremely hard head… (HA)  I could tell I had not “broken “ anything.  I am ok . Bruised like crazy , but nothing serious!! Here is a photo of my eye … my chest and Knee are totally black, but no need to spoil your breakfast with photos of those. How lucky am I at this age not to have broken anything!?


Here is what is IMPORTANT …. I told them all.. this is Dangerous/Peligroso!! Please Paint  this  curb! They said they would …. and

They Did!!  We went back today and had a great reunion.

I was so happy they had followed through.

Please thank Them for their attention to our safety!

Perhaps we could just ASK in Boquete….if we have a serious need???

See below.





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