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Storm Alert for Panama on Christmas Day

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Stormy Christmas alert for Panama


Posted 22/12/2019

The Emergency Operations Center (COE), has issued prevention and monitoring warning from 2:00 pm on Sunday December 22 until 11.59 pm on December 26, due to a new cold front over the country and strong waves in the Caribbean.

The Panamanian territory remains in a humid and unstable period, with high probabilities of continuing to register rains of varying intensities from light to strong, storms and gusts of winds up to 90 km.

Carlos A. Rumbo P., general director of  The Civil Protection Service (Sinaoproc), said that forecasts emphasize conditions with heavy rains for the Panamanian Caribbean, accompanied by gusts of winds. As of December 23, the intensification of the northern trade winds, associated with these atmospheric systems, is expected. Wind speeds will be sustained from 15.0 km / h to 40.0 km / h and gusts that could range from 50.0 km / h to 90.0 km / h, with the mountainous regions being the areas with the highest probability of winds.

Areas vulnerable to floods and landslides should follow prevention measures. Avoid visiting rivers, streams and mountains. Do not cross rivers since the water heads are sudden and dangerous.



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Christmas  high waves alert


Sinaproc lifeguards

Posted 25/12/2019

Panama's  Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) issued a cautionary  warning at noon on Christmas Day about  high waves on  both coastlines

In the Caribbean there are waves between 1.3 to 2.2 meters, while in the Pacific from 0.90 to 1.5 meters.

"Bathers and light boats in the Caribbean should  take extreme safety measures due to strong waves says a Twitter message



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Moderator comment: Reports of environmental damage (e.g., due to rains, earthquakes, etc.) would normally be posted in a different sub-forum under this Environmental forum. This posting was handled differently so as to keep the warnings together with the outcome.


1,070 affected by Christmas Day floods


Posted 26/12/2019

Some 215 families will receive humanitarian assistance in Isla Colon and Changuinola in the province of Bocas de Toro , after being affected by floods brought on by continuous rains brought from 3:00 am.

The director of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), Carlos A. Rumbo, said that the floods were the product of constant rains, coupled with sewage obstruction and high waves registration.

 Marine traffic between Isla Colon and Almirante was suspended at 10:08 am for security reaons.

The storm stopped in the afternoon hours, lowering the water level in the affected sectors, said Rumbo.

Preliminary reports show that  1, 070  people were affected, as water up to a foot high entered their homes. Sinaproc is conducting assessments in affected homes and businesses.


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