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The Good Timey Music Revue at the BCP - WOW!


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The audience refused to leave when the show was over. They cheered and whooped for every act, danced in the aisles and partied with the cast. Never before has Boquete seen such an electrifying event at the BCP theater. 
Mayor Joswar was there with family and got belly dancing lessons with Saroya. Everyone, and I mean everyone, left the evening high as a kite. You will too. 
It’s impossible to list the standout performances without  mentioning them all. From the young and talented families Phillips and Johnson to our long time friends Jeanie Miller and Brandi Gregory. We knew Nicole Hart was a pro singer, but what a stomping great tour de force she delivered. Then there was Frank  Chandek bringing the house down looking for love with his wicked harmonica. 
Just get a ticket and go see this extraordinary Good Timey Music Revue. Arrive early to eat, drink and pre-game at the TapOut with your friends before the performance and post-game if it’s not past your bedtime. This terrific addition transforms the BCP theater experience into a social event like never before. 
Mark Heyer


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This was a fabulous show. Thank you to all who made this possible.

Here first is the program brochure.

Program Brochure_Page_2.jpg

Program Brochure_Page_1.jpg

In order to make it easier to read the details of each part of each act, here is an extract from that brochure.

Program Details.jpg


Below are the video clips of each individual part of this show, which was divided into four acts and a finale.

Act 1: Musicals and Movies


Act 2: USO Tribute to Veterans


Act 3: The Nightclub Scene


Act 4: The Transistor Radio


Finale: We Are Family

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