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City of Knowledge hit by power network glitch


Posted 05/08/2019

Multiple buildings of the  City of Knowledge were without electricity on  Sunday and through  Monday morning, August 5  because of damage in the network managed by the distribution company Naturgy.

According to the City of Knowledge Foundation, this the service was suspended at 4 am on Sunday for maintenance work, it was planned to finish at 10:00 am, was extended until 3:00 pm, but on Monday the lack of electrical power continued.

"The Naturgy operations team has located the damage and are waiting for high-voltage personnel to resolve the situation," a source from the City of Knowledge told La Prensa.

Meanwhile, several of the users like laboratories or research centers, particularly vulnerable to electricity fluctuation have had to use generators.  In buildings where there are no generators, activities stopped.



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10 minutes ago, JohnF13 said:

Why, in Heaven's name is ANYBODY relying on Naturgy to provide consistent service?  

Oh, John, I do. It is the only game in town.

And you know what? I get consistent service from Naturgy. It is consistently lousy. Up and down all the time. Last weekend my UPS for the computer was screaming that the incoming voltage was 132. ☹️

Seriously, it seems to me that there is no redundancy in the power distribution here. Nothing but tributaries. One link damaged and everything downstream goes down. Since there is no pruning of trees that are close to power lines, well you get what is obviously going to happen. 

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Things may be changing - maybe.  About every two weeks my power goes out on a Saturday from 0900-1500 more or less.  Naturgy is changing insulators and last weekend I even saw them cutting tree limbs!  Of course, I'm never informed of the outages...

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