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Do not forget young widow of drowning victim and her 4 kids

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As many of you may remember, on February 22 of this year a young indigenous man drowned in the river near his home.  Valeria. his wife and the mother of three small children and a 2 month old baby are struggling to survive.  Fortunately, Buenos Vecinos has stepped in to help with once a month food delivery. This only begins to cover their needs.  I will list the ones that I am aware of:

School for the 3 older children (1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades)  Someone kindly donated enough to cover buying uniforms and school supplies.  What is not covered is the cost of transporting the children to school.   The cost for one week of transport for 3 kids is $12 x 4 weeks = $48

Propane for cooking: 3 gas tanks /month at $5.36 each 

They live in a shanty close to Oriana and the river.  There is no electricity and no running water.  A thought I had was to get a solar charger at least for a cell phone and maybe a lamp at night.

I know there are things I have not thought of but the above would be a great help to her.  Abram helped build my house and I got to know Valeria.  She is a strong and determined young woman who wants the best for her children.  I know there are far too many here who suffer and it is easy to give in to donor fatigue.  But I would like to recount a previous effort by the community a few years ago that saved the life of a young mother with sickle cell anemia and her newborn. They are both doing well and living the life they were given. 

You can leave a donation at Mail Boxes Etc.  Put money in a sealed envelope with Valeria/Evelyn Kendall written on it and please let me know (evelynkendall@gmail.com) so I can pick it up.  I will keep track of the expenses and let you know exactly where your money went.  Thank you for whatever you can do.


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