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Alto Boquete Restaurants - El Sabroson and La Caldereña

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Two new eateries, both serving a variety of typico food, have now opened in in Alto Boquete.

El Sabroson is located about 150 meters south of Plaza San Francisco, and La Caldereña is in the new Dorado Centre adjacent to the Caldera turnoff.


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A group of three of us patronized El Sabroson in Alto Boquete yesterday late afternoon for dinner. It was a pleasant dining experience. The facility obviously is very new, quite large, and clean. The tables and chairs were impressive, and probably custom made for the restaurant. Food selection was good, the staff was friendly but spoke no English, however our Spanglish worked very well. Prices were nice for our pocketbook, and without requesting it, the cashier asked if we were jubilados and after our response was very happy to apply the discount. Marcelyn and I had dinner for about $9.25 total, not each, and that included the drinks (coffee and Coca Cola). Had we not included the two fruit salads then our dinner would have cost $6.75 total. In other words, very economical. The food was tasty.

Sabroson had no alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, etc.) and we do not know if that is because they are awaiting permits or by choice prefer not to offer alcoholic drinks. The only "complaint" would be that food quantity was very large even though I asked for smaller serving sizes, and so we got a take out box for the leftovers.

Here are some pictures taken during our first visit to El Sabroson:






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When Bud, Marcelyn and I ate at the new Sabroson, we were the only 3 diners although they have seating for about a hundred patrons.

I believe this restaurant is the 3rd Sabroson in Boquete and I think there are two more in David. Am I right?

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