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Rest in Peace Gloria Cruz


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The expat community was deeply indebted to Gloria Cruz for the help she provided to it. The following is some information compiled by Martine Heyer, a good friend of Gloria's.


Rest in Peace Gloria Cruz
Gloria died unexpectedly on March 1, 2019. She was a 49 years old.
Her death was sudden and totally unexpected. It seems it was a major cardiac event that took her away.
She was doing her usual phone calls in the morning of March 1, and then felt bad. She called her business partner Enson, to come get her to take her to the doctor. When he reached the home about 20 minutes later, she was already incapable of walking, but could still move a bit.
Three people helped her into a car and drove her to Dr Chen/Gomez office It is not clear if she was still alive at this point or not. There were some other patients waiting for the Dr. and she was placed in a chair waiting her turn. Then she fell out of the chair and was declared dead. 
At the funeral this afternoon March 2, which was attended by about 45 Panamanian friends and family, one US couple and myself, I talked to several people including her partner.
The following is news that should be spread to through our community for those who used her services. 
Everything Gloria has of yours, is totally safe. 
1) Her partner is called Enson and he can be reached at 6951 4930 or use WhatsApp +50769514930. Enson speaks some English but simple stuff only, if you have more complicated questions please have a Spanish speaking person with you. Ask Rodny for help if you are a member of RodnyDirect. 
2) Enson has taken it upon himself to clear up Gloria’s business.
3)Enson would prefer no phone calls until March 4 or 5 so he can sort through items tomorrow. WhatsApp messages are fine.
4) Gloria was not only trustworthy but also a great filer. Everything she has of yours, documents, keys, whatever is filed under your name, and will be returned to the proper owners, when they request it and show their ID.
5) She supposedly got everything that was supposed to be done for February done so those social security papers can be obtained from Enson next week.
6) Enson hopes to have everything done and back to the owners who need it within the next 30 days.
Business wise Enson was her partner, who mostly helped her out with driving. He hopes to be able to keep that business, driving back and forth to the airport and other tourist locations, in a private car or small bus.
He would love it if we all supported him with the driving business.
- property management 
- property fixing, 
- dealings with Panama social security, 
- and other areas where Gloria might have facilitated your life are not going to be continued by him.
So my suggestion is:
1) WhatsApp Enson, and tell him your name, and what you are looking to get back from Gloria.
2) Figure out if he wants you to come to his location or if he will deliver to you somewhere.
3) Give Enson a day or two to start work on this, as he is heartbroken he will not answer his phone Sunday March 3.
He does appreciate your concerns and will work as best he can with and for you. and he really wants you all to know that everything Gloria has of yours is totally safe…
Thank you.
This is all the information I have
Martine Heyer
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This came to me from Boquete Outdoor Adventure:

Hello Good morning,

Really sad news god bless her soul.

As the company boquete outdoor adventures we are really sad about her loss 

she was with us for a lot of years and work with all clients very responsible and Enson and Her wonderful persons.

we want to say we will support Enson in everything for any questions or inquiries in english boa office is open

His a great friend of ours, English would be a problem for him so we are here to help him out.

Also please let the community know she has left 2 wonderful dogs behind and Enson will be caring for them if any one wants to do donations ( dog food or other) please leave them at boa office (Jim or Nicole)

thank so much



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I just found out about Gloria yesterday. I of course as many who knew her, are in shock.

She was a trusted person who helped us over the years and understand that the service she provided is now something that we need to do - making sure our employee is covered by the the Social Security System.

Enron, as a client, I was going to transfer money into her bank acoount prior to hearing this. Would this still be the best option? 

Thank you and very sorry for your loss.


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