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Buying gas -- a small saga


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I needed gas (actually diesel) so I decided to pay attention to all the gas station prices between Boquete and Price Smart. There's a couple of stations I usually buy gas at because in my experience they are cheaper. I was surprised on this trip to discover that the cheapest station for diesel is the new Terpel station in Los Algorrobos. And, the bonus is that they will pump the gas for you even though you've pulled into the Autoservicio pump. ūüėĄ

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I think self serve is maybe 1/2 cent/litre cheaper.  I usually compare the price at the Terpel in Dolega and the one on the Interamerican going towards Pricesmart.  Sometimes a cent or a bit more cheaper in David.  The Delta station in Dolega is always a bit more than the Terpel, but they pump your fuel there.

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