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British Consular Visit


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The British Embassy is pleased to inform members of the British Community that the Vice Consul Jose Mesquita and Pro Consul Ana Lorena Jones will visit Boquete next week, 19th to 21st January 2016.


A coffee morning will be held at the Boquete Library, at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, 20th January 2016.  If you have questions regarding Consular services or require other information, or wish to meet your Embassy personnel, please  join us.


In addition to British nationals, the British Embassy may provide assistance to citizens of the EU and commonwealth countries who do not have representation in Panama. 


The contact details for the Embassy and Consulate are:

British Embassy Panama City: Humboldt Tower, 4th Floor
Calle 53, Marbella
(PO Box 0816-07946)
Panama City Panama.

Switchboard : (507) 297 6550

Facsimile : (507) 297 6588


FOLLOW US!                

Twitter: @UKinPanama                    

Facebook: British Embassy Panama City


Tricia Daugherty

Consular Agent

cel: 66252564

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I just stopped by Marion's house. She is no longer living there; can't stand to go back to the scene of the horrendous attack on her. She is living in David.

Maybe Trisha Daugherty can make arrangements for the British Consul to check in with Marion.

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