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Netflix is going to try to block service through VPNs

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Netflix wants to stop their service at the border.  If you use a proxy or VPN to stream the U.S. version of Netflix, you won't be able to do it any more, if they are successful.  They might fail at the attempt, but they are trying.


This is probably a good time to check out IPTV with its thousands of movies and TV shows as well as live TV.

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2 hours ago, TwoSailors said:

We use Unlocator. It is  a US based proxy. Their service is excellent!


Unlocator and other proxies are what Netflix wants to stop.  There is speculation that they are going to have a hard time doing this.

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I'm gathering names for those who are interested in DishNetwork here in Panama.   Go to http://www.usatvsatfrompanama.com/ to learn about this.  I am in touch with Alberto there and when I have a list of names of those interested, I'll get with him to organize installations.   Better to give him a big list to make coming to Boquete worth his time, rather than one of us at a time.   Let me know if you are interested in this.   chiriquiwoman@gmail.com

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