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Lost Hikers Found in Chiriqui


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From Newsroom Panama:

8 missing people found in mountains TWO AMERICANS and six Panama

Posted on January 7, 2016 in Panama

helicopter-620x264.jpgHelicopter used in search
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TWO AMERICANS  and six Panamanians nissing  in Chiriqui  were  found, Thursday  January 6, after a 36-hour search.

Members of a joint task found them in the mountains between Boquete and Bocas del Toro said , José Donderis, director of the civil defense agency (Sinaproc)

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Friends were up there when these folks were.  They said almost 70 people were at the top at sunrise when they got there.  They went up the Boquete side at midnight and once at the top decided to go down the Cerro Punta direction. ( this was something they had discussed with us before they left)  My husband and I then drove over that way to be over there as they came down. That allowed us to have constant cell reception.  They texted us all the way.  Once down they told us the trail was well marked and that getting lost didn't seem to be an issue.  While waiting for them we noticed folks coming back down taking shortcuts. These were locals who appeared to have done this before.  Bottom line...our friends told us it would be a nightmare to be lost up there.   I doubt I'd ever attempt it without a guide.

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3 hours ago, JudyS said:

One of the Americans was a guide, certified to lead hikes.  So even qualified guides can get lost.

Update:  Turns out the American guide was not the guide on this hike.  He was just one of the hikers going to a place he had never been before.  The guide was somebody else who had been to the place a long time ago.  The jungle had grown since then, and nothing looked the same.  It turned out ok for everyone.

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