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  1. Expert and experienced gardener available for either part time or full time employment. Victorino Santos lives in Palmira Arriba and can easily work in that area as well as the Volcancito area. He will go further if you can help with transportation costs. Very honest. References on request. Please call or WhatsApp, Eric Nuñez, fluent in Spanish and English. 6131 8158 Jardinero experto y experimentado disponible para cualquiera empleo a tiempo parcial o completo. Victorino Santos vive en Palmira Arriba y también puede trabajar
  2. GrayRiver imported the Haas Avocados from Costa Rica. We did not graft them.
  3. Avocado Trees Any time one chooses to grow a plant outside it's native zone, one takes a chance. If you prefer production over a particular flavor, then stick to whatever variety is commonly grown in the climate you live in. The Hass avocado was born in California along the coast, so that is the best climate for the tree. Panama's rainy season can be a problem! When you dig the hole for the tree, make it double wide and when you replace the soil around the tree, make sure that it is at least 1/3rd sand. Remember that the california soil i
  4. Please share any contact information for a house painter that you might have. wog707@msn.com Thank you so much.
  5. Why can there not be privileges for some over others? If there are no persons with special skills which are needed, then those persons with such skills would be preferred immigrants. If the country of Panamà does not want to accept Venezuelans on a humanitarian basis, then that is their political decision. Perhaps they think that a retiree who border hops does so because they lack funds to get a jubilado or E-Cedula. There have been several Americans who have come with minimal income ( in the past $500 per month was the minimum.) Then they get sick and depend on the government t
  6. until
    GrayRiver Farms September 4, 2016 Plant Sale will be at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market, 1.5km passed the Dolega Y going toward Boquete. This month we will have Yucca plants in addition to those items listed on our price list. They are $15 each. In Texas they grow very low, but in Panama they can grow into trees. The beautiful cream-colored flowers can be eaten and are sold on the roadsides in Honduras and Guatemala. Please, if possible, pre-order your selections at grayriverfarms@yahoo.com or call 6949 1555. Trees JOY PERFUME TREE (rare, fragrant)
  7. KUMQUAT Trees A kumquat looks like a miniture orange and is eaten whole as one might eat a grape. The tree is small and grows well in a pot or in the ground. Kumquat has calorific value equivalent to that of grapes. 100 g of fresh fruits provide only 71 calories. Nonetheless, they are one of the incredible sources of health-benefiting phyto-nutrients such as dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and pigment anti-oxidants that contribute immensely to overall wellness. Its peel is rich in many essential oils, anti-oxidants, and fiber. 100 g whole kumquats provide 6.7 g or 17% of dai
  8. Growing Pomegranates in Panama Some considerations regarding growing anything in Panama would be chill hours, length of day, soil Ph, and rainfall. Dan McLean, University of Georgia, states, “The majority of pomegranate varieties do not require winter chill hours, with the exception of a few cold- hardy cultivars. “ They require at least 6 hours of full sun each day and prefer a slightly alkaline, well drained soil. These delicious fruits probably originated in Iran, and grow well in a Mediterranean climate. So to grow them here, one would need to add some calcium to the soil
  9. GrayRiver Farms Plant Sale Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market 1.5km passed the Dolega Y toward Boquete. 10:00am until 12:30 pm Again this month, we will have Agapanthus in blue and white! If you have ant problems, our GR Greenacide is a really effective solution. There was a huge anthill beside Plamira Road where the ants were eating into the asphalt. One application of Greenacide killed them all! New this month is Caril, which makes a delicious drink! $5 each. Pomgranate Bushes (not dwarf) $20 each. Caladiams in green, white/green. $7 e
  10. Don't worry, Mark. Any time you might like to try our Greeacide, just let me know. We had ants eating our Gardenias and I thought my gardener had taken a weedeater to them. They were cut in straight lines. He told me that the ants were coming from a neighbors property so I sent him up there to kill them. So far our gardenias are doing a lot better. That was at least 6 months ago.
  11. Well, at least they are gone. We saw a lot of dead ones. Somehow I don't think ants are immortal.
  12. Please see below, the giant anthill on Palmira Abajo Road, where we put GR Greenacide in one application into this front hole. There were thousands of teeming ants there about a month ago. Please note that there is not one visible ant there today. The hill was much taller before the 5 inches of rain we have received this week. GR Greenacide is a blend of garlic and forest leaves-no chemicals!
  13. GrayRiver Farms Plant Sale Sunday, May 1, 2016 at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market 1.5km passed the Dolega Y toward Boquete. 10:00am until 12:30 pm This month, we will have Agapanthus in blue and white! Also, if you have ant problems, our GR Greenacide is a really effective solution. There was a huge anthill beside Plamira
  14. GrayRiver Farms will be at the Chiriqui Storage Flea Market this next Sunday, April 3rd, from 10:00am until 12:30pm. Go 1.5km passed the Dolega Y. It is on the right side of the road. After the recent winds, you might be interested in a windbreak. We have Mirto, a small-leafed fragrant shrub, that can grow to 12ft tall. When planted sufficiently apart so that the wind can flow through a row of it, the force of the breezes are diminished. GrayRiver Farms also has fermented a garlic/ginger solution that boots the immune system of your plants. Did you know that plants do
  15. A few years ago, I had a computer technician who has an office in central David, tell me that a computer that I owned could not be repaired. Julio Garcia repaired it with no new parts needed. Later a Boquete "computer expert" told me that my Apple computer was ruined, after he said he "washed" it, and charged me for a new keyboard, which he did not install. (Nor did he "wash" my computer. ) Julio Garcia did clean that computer and replace the keyboard, and I am still using that Apple today. In fact, I thought it might be time to buy a more recent one, but after
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