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GrayRiver Farms September 4th Plant Sale


Event details

GrayRiver Farms September 4, 2016 Plant Sale will be at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market, 1.5km passed the Dolega Y going toward Boquete.   This month we will have Yucca plants in addition to those items listed on our price list.  They are $15 each.  In Texas they grow very low, but in Panama they can grow into trees.  The beautiful cream-colored flowers can be eaten and are sold on the roadsides in Honduras and Guatemala.

Please, if possible,  pre-order your selections at grayriverfarms@yahoo.com or call 6949 1555.

JOY PERFUME TREE (rare, fragrant) $100
Moringa Trees $6
Ylang ylang Trees $12
Persian Limes (grafted) $20
Calamondin Orange Trees varigated leaves $20
Kumquat Trees (grafted)  $20
Pomegranate Trees  $20
Cinnamon trees ( 4ft. Tall) $10
Fishtail Palms $30
Closed Fan Palms (Lacuala grandis) $30
Bismarck Palms $80
Phoenix Palms $25
Foxtail Palms $30
Plumeria white  large, fragrant $20
African Tulip Trees  5 ft. tall $10
Crape Myrtle Tree pink 6 ft. tall $20
Bauhinia varigata  purple (orchid tree) $15
Large Neem Trees  $20
Neem Trees (anti mosquito) $15
Roble Trees (pink) tall $10
Jasminum officinale    (fragrant) $6
Lantana Bush white (beautiful flowers $15
Jasmine vines  (fragrant) $6
Mirto ( similar to privet, but fragrant) $6
Snowbush (Breynia distichia) $6
Cannas dwarf, white, red, , coral $3
Cannas tall, orange, yellow $3
Agapanthas  white, blue $6
Shrimp plant red $4
Caril  $3
Caladiums green $3
Caladiums  red ruffle, green/white $7
Caladiums pink, white/pink $7
Cleome white pink $6
Dwarf licorce, Helichrysum silver $4
 Dill large plants $4
Rosemary large plants $4
Fennel plants $4
Sage large plants $4
Basil $4
Oregano $4
Greenacide liter $10
GR-Effective Microbes liter $10
GR- Garlic Ginger Tonic, 500ml $10
Ground covers  
Dichondra silver falls $3
Purslane white , yellow/pink $3
Moss Rose fusia $3
Pursland orange, white $3






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