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  1. until
    BCP - Past, Present and Future - Your questions answered Top floor of the library Reservations required, email: chats@eventsboquete.org
  2. until

    This chat is fully booked. You could still be on the waiting list in case there are cancellations
  3. Here are some pictures of the great mix of vendors we had on Tuesday October 13th
  4. Here are the vendors you can expect to see at the BCP Tuesday Market on October 13th
  5. until

    At BCP we are aware that some people are very wary about going out and mixing with others and will only start to do so gradually. We would like everyone to know that their well-being is of prime importance to BCP and we have been taking every possible step to minimise risks. For merchants in Boquete it has been very difficult to make a living for the past 6 months and we worked for 6 months to be able to re-open our Tuesday Market in the Arco Iris Salon on the Feria grounds to enable them to start doing business again. We were able to start in September within guidelines from MINSA.
  6. Yes it's true. We are allowed all 50 vendors now. We are following all the guidelines for the safety of the public and our vendors
  7. And we are off to a great start. A big thank you to our vendors and visitors who were there for our first BCP market in the new venue. Even with the limited number of vendors we were allowed, it was a success for all. Thank you to Boquete Community for coming together after all this time
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