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  1. The October 14th Chat on Policing in Chiriqui has been cancelled due to a family bereavement. We hope to reschedule it at a later date
  2. Since writing that, Tapout decided to cancel the agreement. BCP Equipment and property has been removed and is now in storage. Tapout have removed the stage and seating risers. Future BCP productions will be held in alternative locations.
  3. To make a reservation click on http://www.eventsboquete.org/reservations
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    Subjects of interest to Boquete residents, given by speakers from the area. These are interactive with many opportunities to ask questions The chats are held on the top floor of Biblioteca de Boquete and start at 11:00. For a schedule of chats go to eventsboquete.org Seating is limited to 40, and reservations are required. To make a reservation, go to eventsboquete.org/reservations
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    This is the original BCP Tuesday Market that was for about 14 years in the old building that is now TapOut. In 2020 due to the pandemic, we moved across the road into the Feria's Arco iris Salon, which gave us room for up to 50 vendors and 50 visitors even with the social distancing rules. This market is completely under cover with a wide variety of vendors to see. BCP Tuesday Market is a volunteer organization run for the benefit of the community and the vendors. it also supports many local Non-Profits. www.BoqueteTuesdayMarket.org
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    For our updated list of regular vendors, please visit www.Boquetemarket.org
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    Dr. Osborne is a Panamanian born medical doctor who got his medical training in the United States. After working for many years in the U.S., Dr. Osborne and his wife retired to Panama with the idea of bringing quality medical care to the poor. He will tell of his trials in trying to do this and his dream to decrease infant and maternal mortality in the indigenous Comarca.
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    Feed the World - Change the World Dr Daniel Daves
  9. Thanks Werner. We are doing another presentation on June 10th. If you would like to attend please email chats@eventsboquete.org. There are only 5 seats left at the moment.
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    Mike Schwartz and Patrick Reynolds do their impressions of expat life in Boquete. RSVP at chats@eventsboquete.org
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    Did you know that there is an active and ongoing "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" in Boquete? Come and learn more with local resident Ben Scuetz. Don't forget to RSVP to chats@eventsboquete.org
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