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We Love Lucy Benefit - February 25, 2017


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"Someone" broke in overnight and cleaned the place out.  I know who did it, Lucy knows who did it, the police know who did it, nothing will be done.  

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We are hopeful that this time something will be done. Because BCP had belongings in the cafe and because other people had items for sale on consignment in the cafe, we are all trying to file a number of denuncias or complaints against the culprit. We have him on video in the BCP facility at 1:10 AM Wednesday morning.

BCP, being a foundation has to file the denuncia through the founder, Dave Ross, who is currently home-bound with a stroke.

We're going to figure this out and get the guy in jail.

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Boy I hope so.  In order to get control of crime there must be consequences.  If not..nothing happens.  Oh, SOMETHIING happens....more crime.   It just gets more and more out of control.  The places the theives like are the ones that hold the most bang for their buck.  No doubt BCP is considered a honey hole.

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