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Yella & Tom Going Away Party

Yella & Tom have been offering music in Boquete for 10 years and are now moving away to Mexico.  We want to send them off in style.  Please come join our wonderful party that will include many musicians that have worked together before.  The music will be divine and the company will be even better.  This is a pot luck event so please come with a dish to share.


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Marcelyn and I attended this finale "Going Away Party" for Tom and Yella. It was a crowded event, with lots of good tasting food (a pot luck), warm and engaging conversation, fantastic music, and best wishes for Tom and Yella as they begin their transition from Boquete to Ensenada, Mexico.

We went to this event with the thought that the purpose was to wish Tom and Yella all the best in their new venture. While that message was obviously conveyed to them, Tom and Yella turned the theme around to be a musical performance to say "thank you" to the Boquete community for supporting them for these past several years. Yella and Rhody Edwards (keyboard) began the musical fare with some solo songs, including one of my favorites, The Auctioneer. Then Tom and Yella were accompanied by three local Panamanian musicians with whom they have performed on many occasions (collectively known as Yella Fever Band), including Edgar Vargas, Eduardo Venegas, and Allan Saldaña. Tom and Yella are the consummate entertainers, which again was on display with the size of the audience and the energy being expended.

We all wish Tom and Yella the best of luck in this new chapter in their lives. We certainly will miss them, and trust they felt the heart warming expressions of love for both of them.

Here are some pictures taken, followed by three video clips of some of the music performed that evening.






















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You are an angel to put this site up, Bud.  I am so grateful to You and Marcelyn for this venue and the many times we have posted and advertised thanks to You Both. 

May I also take a moment to thank the entire community.  To any and all of you who have come to hear our music, supported the restaurants where we played, come to benefit concerts, etc.  Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  When You are there to listen, our job does not feel like work at all, but rather like a joyful offering of Love.  I hope You have felt the Love and know that it continues for You all - even all the way from Mexico.

Boquete will always live in our hearts as one of the best decades of our lives.  God Bless You All.   yella & tom

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Definitely a lot of old folks gettin' down on the dance floor. I saw several canes left on chairs while their owners cut a rug. Who could'a guessed?

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